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				Michael Muecke

			       (c) 1996 - 2005

WinTeX is a 32bit Windows TeX editor with a modern MDI-Interface and the MS Office 
look and feel. WinTeX offers powerful editing functions in a comfortable and easy 
to use environment.

* Key features:                                                                      *

	* MS Office look & feel
	* Syntax highlighting
	* Auto spell automatically underlines misspelled words in your text
	* Thesaurus finds synonyms
	* Super fast editing of large files
	* Projects
	* BiBTeX editor
	* Code templates
	* Log browser for Errors & Warnings

* Installation:                                                                      *

Just run the Installer. Please uninstall any older versions of WinTeX before installing 
this new version.

* Program status:                                                                    *


* How to contact the author                                                          *

email:		muecke@tex-tools.de

* Licence                                                                            *

WinTeX is distributed as shareware (try-before-you-buy software).
The program may be used for an evaluation period of 31 days. Any
further use requires a license from the author obtained through
the Registration Procedure.

The current prices and purchasing information can be found on
the WinTeX homepage at


WinTeX's current policy entitles registered users to free upgrades
to all new releases.

Purchasing a license for WinTeX (i.e., registering) entitles the
licensee to use the program according to specific conditions. A
personal license is for single use only, entitling an individual
to use WinTeX on any and all computers available to him/ her,
provided that (1) WinTeX is not operated on more than one computer
or terminal at the same time and (2) WinTeX is not used on a
network. Either of these uses requires a site license.

Information on new releases and upgrades of WinTeX are
communicated on the WinTeX Mailing List (for details, see the 
WinTeX homepage).

Copying/duplicating this software is prohibited, except for
purposes of backup and/or archiving. This software cannot be sold
without written authorization from the author. You may not
decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify this software
in any way.

Details concerning the method of payment and the latest version of
the program can always be obtained from the WinTeX homepage:


This shareware version of WinTeX is fully functional and is not
crippled in any way. Note that some commands make sense only in
certain contexts (for example, when part of the text is selected).
For your convenience such commands are automatically disabled when
they cannot be applied.

Once the trial period has elapsed, WinTeX will refuse to start.
It will display a dialog requesting the user to register. If you 
want to use WinTeX further on you need to register.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this program accepts no responsibility
for damages resulting from the use of this software and makes no
warranty, either express or implied, including, but not limited
to, any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. This
software is provided as it is, and you, its user, assume all risks
when using it.

Win XP – A Win32 Editor with the MS Office look and feel

Win 2000 offers powerful editing functions in a comfortable and easy to use environment; it features syntax highlighting, a spell checker that automatically underlines misspelled words in your text, a thesaurus, project management support, a “database like” editor, code templates and a log browser for Errors and Warnings.

PackageWinTeX XP
LicensesShareware: A fee is required
MaintainerMichael Muecke
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