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The Concept

The idea behind MicroIMP is to reconcile two so far disjoint worlds: the World
of the Word Processors and the World of quality technical typesetting.

In the World of the Word Processors, where Microsoft Word reigns,
the document are easy to make and no learning cycle is required; but the
document are often lack in quality and the easiness comes at the cost of
sacrificing features.

In the World of Quality Technical Typesetting, where TeX reigns, features
and quality are abundant; but the learning cost turns off most of the
new users dooming TeX to the niche enthusiast market.

Enter MicroIMP: an intuitive WYSIWYG document preparation system,
based on LaTeX.

MicroIMP delivers easiness: no TeX markup needs to be learned; no commands, 
and no backslashes.
Ready to use the moment you run it.
Don't struggle with the syntax, but Imp with Impunity.

MicroIMP delivers power: it is based on a TeX kernel and incorporates TeX
formatting techniques; these include math, hyphenation, automatic ligatures,
and much else. As MicroIMP grows, more TeX/LaTeX features would be added -- 
without any burden on the user.

(Hardcore TeX users should not disappointed by the above: there
is a way to enter TeX commands and \'s in the document...if you so insist.)


MicroIMP has a typical Word Processing look and feel: you can enter the 
text right away, and use the formatting commands from the menus to change 
its appearance.
Most of the menu commands are intuitive and no additional documentation
is needed to explain them.

MicroIMP features include

* Full WYSIWYG interface.
* Spelling checker.
* Multiple language support (English, German, Dutch, Italian, French)
* Table of Contents generation.
* Index generation.
* References.
* Accent command support.
* Lists, including itemizing, enumerating and description (build 012).
* Tables.
* Mathematics.
* Equation numbering.
* Box rotation and scaling.
* Graphics inclusion (all common bitmap formats.)
* Trees.
* Hyperlinks.
* Copy/Paste of text (including Unicode), markup, and images.
* Read/Write blocks of text.
* Save as TML (native format), PDF/PS, and LaTeX
* Support for the TeX-standard CM fontset, EC, and a number of alternatives.
* RTF import.

Mi­croIMP – A -based word pro­ces­sor

The idea be­hind Mi­croIMP is to rec­on­cile two (so far) dis­joint worlds: the World of the Word Pro­ces­sors and the World of qual­ity tech­ni­cal type­set­ting. Mi­croIMP achieves this by be­ing a true WYSIWYG word pro­ces­sor, which is based on a sys­tem.

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