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Here is how to three bugs of the WEB macros:
1. Excessive memory usage: TeX cannot compile tex.tex with its
   default memory size.
2. Module number in the header don't agree with the the first module on
   the page.
3. Modules starts on new pages when they shouldn't.

The report describes the bugs, explains them and their fixes.
The script patch.sh creates the file nwebmac.tex file from the original
file TeXinputs/webmac.tex. Install nwebmac.tex in TeXinputs as webmac.tex,
thus overwriting the original.

To test the new macros cd to the tex directory, set \let\maybe=\iffalse in
tex.ch. Then weave:
	wve tex.web tex.ch
It should print more than 90 pages and less than 100. Than and only then
bug 1 and bug 3 are fixed.

Happy TeXing and WEAVEing.
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