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This is the "readme" file for tx, version 1, a menuing system for TeX

This is "tx", a very simple menu designed to facilitate the processing of
TeX documents on a pc. A small window appears on the top right of the screen
offering the user the different alternatives about running TeX, viewing or
printing the document, editing it, etc. The menu is completely configurable
by the user.


(1) Edit the sample configuration file "tx.cnf" with the entries and
commands you want. If you have any doubts as to the syntax of the
configuration file, you may take a look at the explanations in "tx.doc".

(2) Copy "tx.exe" and your version of "tx.cnf" to a directory in your 
search path for executables. For instance, if you are using the latest 
emTeX version, this could be "c:\emtex\bin".

(3) You are all set. Move to a directory where you have (or want to create)
a TeX document and type "tx". Once you are in the menu, you need to specify
(or visually choose) the name of the TeX document.

License: This program is free. It is licensed to users under the 
terms of the GNU General Public License. Read the file "copying" 
for details about the licensing agreement. The program uses the 
"spawno" library, written by Ralf Brown, to swap out of dos memory 
when executing other programs. See the file "spawno.doc" for details.

You can send any comments about the program to me. I wrote this
program for myself, and am making it publically available just
in case somebody may find it useful. Please note that there will
be no further releases unless some serious bug is found, because
the program as it is now suits all my needs.

Ricard Torres (torres@upf.es).
Released in April 1995.

Note: If you want to modify or recompile the source, you will find 
it in the directory "src". For instance, you can change the colors,
that are defined in the file "tx.c", or the text of the messages,
which you will find in the file "txdefs.h". The program is written 
in c for the Borland compilers. Included is also a makefile for
the djgpp port of gcc. The resulting executable takes up a lot of
dos memory, because it is loaded by the dos extender go32.

The program has been used by a number of people for a few years. The changes
it has lately undergone are mostly of little relevance, except for the use
it now makes of Ralf Brown's spawn replacement, that frees most of the dos
memory occupied by the program. By now, it should be pretty stable. However,
the version originally distributed in CTAN had a small mistake that
prevented it from reading a working file name from the command line. This
has now been corrected, and the resulting new version (which has some other
merely cosmetic changes) we label as version 1 (hoping it will be the last).
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