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EDIT 4.33

(c) 1984-95  Peter Gerwinski, Essen, Germany

EDIT is a ShareWare program for the PC running MS-DOS or 
any compatible operating system.  EDIT is an easy-to-use
text processor written to act as a comfortable user 
interface for TeX, preferably emTeX.  The current version 
(4.33) is only available in German; an English translation 
is provided but will take some time.

EDIT consists of a text editor with integrated TeX (DVI-)
previewer and printing utility.  It has the special ability 
to display a text editor window and a TeX preview window 
simultaneously on the screen.  The program is equipped with 
help screens (in German) about EDIT itself and about the 
most important LaTeX commands. 

The distribution consists of 3 floppy disks (3.5") to be
labeled "EDIT", "PKfonts 1/2" and "PKfonts 2/2".  (EDIT
uses its own tree of TeX character sets.)  For a complete 
installation (together with TeX) you also need the six
emTeX distribution disks, refered as disk "emTeX 1/6" 
through "emTeX 6/6" during the EDIT installation.

To install EDIT on a MS-DOS computer just insert the disk
labeled "EDIT".  Switch to that disk, start the program
INSTALL.EXE and follow the instructions of that program.
It will install the EDIT system and all necessary parts of
the emTeX distribution.

        18. August 1995
        Peter Gerwinski
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