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This is just a set of configuration files to make emTeX look for PK fonts
in DPInnn directories instead of the traditional nnnDPI.
You might have several reasons to want this behaviour:

* It is what the TDS standard propose.
* First character of a directory name in a CD-ROM must be a letter.
* It will be easier to share your PK fonts with other TeX installations
(for example, teTeX).


1) Uncompress DPINNN.ZIP in the directory where you installed emTeX,
(by default, your root directory), i.e:

CD \
UNZIP A:DPINNN   (or whatever)

This overwrites many .cnf files in directory emtex\data, the files
emtex\bin\fli_base.{bat,cmd} and the file emtex\mfjob\modes.mfj.
Warning!: If you modified any of these files, make a backup copy
first and change the newer files accordingly.

DPINNN.ZIP also contains the following files:


2) You must go now to \texfonts\pixel.xxx (whatever you use) and rename every
directory from nnnDPI to DPInnn. You can do it by several methods:

a) (Recommended) If you have MS-DOG 6.x (and therefore MOVE command and
QBASIC) do the following:

CD \TEXFONTS\PIXEL.LJ (or whatever)
QBASIC /run ..\dpinnn

This will automatically rename all your directories in PIXEL.LJ (or whatever).

b) If you have QBASIC, but not MOVE command, go to your nearest SimTel
mirror and download GNU file utilities (see GNUish directory).
'mv' command may be used instead of 'MOVE', you only have to change
dpinnn.bas before running it (change MOVE by MV)

c) None of the above: Do it by hand, get at least mv utility.

Don't forget to repeat point 2) for every family of fonts you use
(for example, LJH...).

3) To be consistent, you may want to change the docs accordingly.
Get the 'patch' program (for example, from GNUISH of SimTel)
go to emtex\doc\english (or german) and type

patch < patches

This will change fontlib.doc, dvidrv.doc, mfjob.doc and help.{eng,ger}

Note: I suppose the following files should also be updated:


4) If you use Guido Sawade's DVIPS, you should also patch the
configuration files. The following should work with the latest version (2.5)
and maybe with older ones. Go to  emtex\data\dvips  and write:

patch < patches

This will patch config.ps, ljh.cfg and dj.cfg

Final note:

Consider this as free software (no warranty, use at your own risk, etc).
I decided to include here complete configuration files because patches were
as long as the original files in most cases.

If you find something is wrong or is missing, please tell me, my email
address is at the end. After a reasonably period of testing (several weeks,
or several months) without complains or bug reports, I will suggest Eberhard
Mattes to incorporate this changes to emTeX.

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es>
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