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To install, do the following:
    1.	Read the ENVIRONMENT section of xdvi_man.sed to determine the correct
	default values for the XDVIFONTS and XDVISIZES environment variables.
	Edit the Imakefile or Makefile and change the values of the make
	variables DEFAULT_FONT_PATH and DEFAULT_FONT_SIZES to these values.
	If your site uses virtual fonts, do the same thing with the
	DEFAULT_VF_PATH variable.  Note that support of virtual fonts in xdvi
	does not include support of built-in Postscript<tm> fonts.

	(Note:  for X10 compilation, use Makefile_10 instead of Makefile.)

	You may also wish to change other compilation options; they are
	described later in this file.

    2.  make xdvi and try it out.  If the settings in step one are incorrect,
	you can use the corresponding environment variables to quickly try out
	different values.  If the values set in step 1 were incorrect,
	rm font_open.o and go back to step 1.

	If you get the error that the #include file <stdlib.h> does not exist,
	then you should include -DX_NOT_STDC_ENV in the DEFS variable in the
	Makefile or Imakefile.  In X11R5 or later this problem should not
	come up.

    3.  make xdvi.man.

    4.  Install xdvi and xdvi.man.

	The X10 flag only affects xdvi.c (and the flags MSBITFIRST, BMSHORT,
	and BMLONG, see below).

	Note in particular the compilation flags USE_PK, USE_GF, and USE_PXL,
	which can be set to reflect which font formats are actually used at
	your site.

Other compilation flags are:
	SYSV		(dvi_init.c font_open.c xdvi.c)  Set for System V
	VMS		Set for VMS compilation.
	MSBITFIRST	(X11 only; xdvi.c dvi_draw.c gf.c pk.c pxl.c)  Store
			bitmaps internally with the most significant bit at
			the left.  For performance reasons, it would be best
			to set this to coincide with what your server uses.
			Use the keystroke '^P' to find information in this
			regard.  Generally, you should use MSBITFIRST if and
			only if '^P' reports bitord = 1, and BMSHORT/BMLONG
			(below) should be set to match whatever '^P' reports
			under "Unit =".  But, if bitord = byteord, then the
			latter setting should not matter much.
	BMSHORT		(X11 only; xdvi.c dvi_draw.c gf.c pk.c pxl.c)  Store
			bitmaps in short integers instead of bytes.  See
			MSBITFIRST for other relevant comments.  To check
			performance, you can use:
				time xdvi -d 8 file.dvi
	BMLONG		(X11 only; xdvi.c dvi_draw.c gf.c pk.c pxl.c)  Store
			bitmaps in long integers instead of bytes.
	ALTFONT		(xdvi.c)  Default font to use if the font named in the
			dvi file cannot be found.  Can be set to NULL.  By
			default, it is "cmr10".
	SEARCH_SUBDIRECTORIES (font_open.c)  Enable recursive searching of
			subdirectories for font files (* and ** specifiers).
			This also enables the TEXFONTS_SUBDIR environment
			variable and the DEFAULT_SUBDIR_PATH makefile variable.
	XDVIFONTS_ONLY	(font_open.c) Never check the TEXFONTS environment
			variable.  Normally xdvi checks TEXFONTS if the
			XDVIFONTS variable is not set.  This option is
			recommended if the version of TeX in use requires
			that the TEXFONTS variable be set.  See the relevant
			paragraph in xdvi_man.sed for more details.  This
			option turns off that paragraph.
	NOTOOL		(X11 only; xdvi.c)  Compile using raw X calls.
	BUTTONS		(xdvi.c)  Put radio buttons on the right side of the
			window for commonly used commands.
	A4		(xdvi.c)  Use European size paper by default.
	NOQUERY		(xdvi.c)  Set this if you have trouble compiling the
			definition of drawingWidgetClass.
	TEXXET		(everything)  Enables op-codes 250 and 251 (used for
			right-to-left languages).
	BDPI		(xdvi.c) Default number of pixels per inch to use.
	GREY		(everything)  Use greyscale anti-aliasing for
			displaying shrunken bitmaps.
	MAKEPK		(font_open.c)  If a font is not found, then try to
			call Metafont to create the font.  When using this
			option, remember to set the paths in MakeTeXPK
			correctly for your site, and be sure that the
			destination directory for MakeTeXPK appears in your
			DEFAULT_FONT_PATH variable.
	MAKEPKCMD=\"/usr/local/tex/bin/MakeTeXPK\" (font_open.c)  Same as the
			above, but this variant explicitly declares which
			command to use to create the font.

All flags should be set in the appropriate Makefile via the variable ``DEFS''.


	This program is the combined work of many people, including but not
restricted to:
	Eric Cooper, CMU
	Bob Scheifler, MIT LCS
	Paal Kvamme, Norwegian Institute of Technology
	H\aa vard Eidnes, Norwegian Institute of Technology
	Mark Eichin, MIT SIPB
	Paul Vojta, UC Berkeley
	Jeffrey Lee, U of Toronto
	Donald Richardson, Clarkson Univ.
At the present time, the person to send bug reports to is Paul Vojta,

In addition to the various comp.sources.x archives, current versions of this
program can also be obtained via anonymous ftp from the following location:
	export.lcs.mit.edu	[]	file contrib/xdvi.tar.Z
To ease the load on export, you may also check other X archives, for example:
	gatekeeper.dec.com	[]	file pub/X11/contrib/xdvi.tar.Z

Paul Vojta, 17 March 1992


Note for IBM RS6000 users:  some of the libraries are in non-obvious places:

	libXmu	/usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/lib/Xmu/libXmu.a
	libXaw	/usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/lib/Xaw/libXaw.a

These should be moved to /usr/lib or some more reasonable place (or use
symlinks), and ditto for the include files, which are initially placed
in /usr/lpp/X11/Xamples/include.


Notes of historical nature follow.  Most recent changes are listed at the end
of the file.


This directory contains a version of xdvi capable of reading GF, PXL
and PK font files. This version of xdvi is based on the source that
"came with" X v10r3. Xdvi was modified by Paal Kvamme at the Norwegian
Institute of Technology, based on the modifications I had made to
dviimp (a dvi to ImPress converter). This code was again more or less
directly translated from the web source of PKtoPX.

If you discover (and fix) any bugs in this code, please notify me, so
I can make the corresponding changes myself.

H}vard Eidnes	(TeXish: H\aa vard Eidnes)
Division of Computer Science
Norwegian Institute of Technology

E-Mail: h_eidnes%vax.runit.unit.uninett@nta-vax.arpa
Also has path search added by Mark Eichin, looks in TEXFONTS

Additional notes:
	X11 version now works on the IBM PC/RT as well as VAX.
*MORE* fixes (for athena release locker) [eichin:19880722.2058EST]
	narrow vertical and horizontal lines no longer disappear.
	bogus underlining (which usually occured on even sample sizes
of odd sized characters) no longer occurs.
	-S number (or typing number followed by S) will adjust the
sampling fraction; 0 is special cased to mean if anything in the
sampled zone is set, set the sample, else clear it. Interesting to
experiment with, though not useful for reading (the default value of 3
is just right.)
	-display and -geometry arguments work (so do old style forms,
though they were broken before)
	fixed one of the PK debugging messages to print the correct
font name instead of printing the pointer as text.
	included Ken Raeburn <raeburn>'s changes to support multiple
More changes:

    1.  Incorporated the bitmap under a viewport widget using the toolkit
	(X11 only);
    2.  Added an icon and icon geometry arguments (X11 only);
    3.  Supported window resizing;
    4.  Added a 'c' option to move whatever is currently under the cursor to
	the center of the window;
    5.  Added an 'R' option to reread the .dvi file, and added logic to make
	'R' happen automatically whenever any part of the window is exposed
	and the dvi file changes (so that you can iconify xdvi, run tex,
	deiconify xdvi, and voila!);
    6.  Added a 'magnifying glass':  when you push a button, a window pops
	up, showing the region of the page, unshrunk;
    7.  Added support for gf fonts;
    8.  Upgraded font searching (at our site we use /usr/custom/tex82/gf
	for gf fonts, /usr/custom/tex82/pk for pk fonts, etc.);
    9.  Made numerous internal changes (removed all the lint I could,
	made unshrunk bitmaps permanently resident, which speeds up size
	changing, made table.h necessary only for pxl.h, split up the source
	file into xdvi.c, dvi.c, gf.c, pxl.c, and pk.c, made shrinking occur
	relative to the character's hot point, etc.)
   10.  The program reads SIGIO signals and processes incoming events
	immediately, so that it can stop displaying things that would be
	erased anyway.  If these interrupts are not coming through, then
	it also checks for incoming events every several dozen characters
   11.  Further split up dvi.c into dvi_init.c and dvi_draw.c; added
	compilation options for various internal bitmap representations.
	Fixed it so gcc won't give warnings, and so it works with R3 toolkit.
--  Patchlevel 2:  --
   12.  Added MAXCHARS compilation option.  Eliminated the nonsense with
	generating table.h.
--  Patchlevel 3:  --
   13.  Added -altfont command line option and SYSV compilation option.

4/1989  Modified for System V boxes. -DSYSV compiler option.

Donald Richardson, donr@crystal.mie.clarkson.edu

--  Patchlevel 4:  --
   14.  Removed MAXCHARS compilation option.  It's automatic now.  Made X10
	scrolling smoother.  Implemented the moving magnifying glass.
--  Patchlevel 5:  --
   15.  Implemented compilation without the toolkit, as well as scrollbars
	and tpic support in X10.  Also this version should work with color
	VAXstations, although overstrike characters will come out incorrectly.
   16.  Fixed a bug in gf reading routines:  specials at the beginning of
	a character def. were not being processed.  Thanks to
	kevin@amath.washington.edu for a bug report and fix.
   17.  Added 'k' keystroke.
--  Patchlevel 6:  --
   18.  Added buttons on the right side of the window.
   19.  Added -pagewidth and -pageheight command line options and A4
	compilation option.
   20.  Added a yet more robust font finding algorithm.
--  Patchlevel 7:  --
   21.  Replaced -pagewidth and -pageheight options with -paper.
--  Patchlevel 8:  --
   22.  Added compatibility for X11R4 and VMS.  Fixed up alignment of rules.
--  Patchlevel 9:  --
   23.	Removed obsolete '#' and '=' options from the X11 version:  they
	interfere with emacs.
--  Patchlevel 10: --
   24.	Implemented arrow keys, expert mode, searching for the font's actual
	size first, the -[xy]offset and -sw options, and numerous bug fixes.
--  Patchlevel 11: --
   25.	Implemented recursive searching for font files in subdirectories.
   26.	Changed +sw to -hushspecials and implemented -hush.
   27.	Modified mksedscript so that the man page comes out neater.
   28.  Added a -keep option and resource to match the `k' keystroke.
--  Patchlevel 12: --
   29.  Implemented virtual fonts (this does not include built-in
	Postscript<tm> fonts!!!).
   30.	X11R5 support, and numerous bug fixes.
--  Patchlevel 13: --
   31.  Added support for TeXXeT.
--  Patchlevel 14: --
   32.  Added support for greyscale anti-aliasing.
--  Patchlevel 15: --
   33.  Added support for MakeTeXPK, as in dvips.
--  Patchlevel 16: --
   34.	In the code for greyscale anti-aliasing, try to allocate a colormap
	so that GXor operations can be used for drawing.  Also interpolate
	between foreground and background colors.

Paul Vojta, vojta@math.berkeley.edu
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