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PDF-djgpp v2019-10-02

This package complements the current distribution of msdos-djgpp by providing a working, updated binary for pdftex. Simply put it along the other binaries in the distribution and update the formats accordingly. Please check details of operation of djgpp- at the main distribution.

This binary is based on the 2018 sources for Live, as published by the Live team, and cross-compiled on CygWin64 on a Win10 machine. Sources and compilation instructions may be found at


For general discussions and bug reports for pdf itself, use the mailing lists provided at


For inquiries for the djgpp-DOS port provided here, please refer to the discussions at


As a port of pdf, this binary is distributed according to the GNU Public License, version 2, or above. To read the full license please visit


Along with the binaries, we have here two configuration files to produce the pdftex format. Names have been adapted to fit the 8.3 restriction for DOS filenames and avoid clashes with other or older systems.

Good luck and happy PDFing.

Luis Rivera jlrn77 at gmail com

October 2, 2019.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.1M).

pdftex-djgpp – An msdos-djgpp binary of the pdf engine

This package provides a binary of the pdf engine for the msdos-djgpp distribution.

Version 2019-10-02
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 2 or newer
MaintainerLuis Rivera
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