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Public domain.

This is the source for the documentation for MetaPost, consisting of
"A User's Manual for MetaPost", "Drawing Boxes with MetaPost",
"Drawing Graphs with MetaPost" and the introductory article "The
MetaPost System", written by John D. Hobby.
They were converted to more modern LaTeX by Dylan Thurston,
later updated Troy Henderson and Stephan Hennig, and currently
maintained by the MetaPost developers.  The manual
may be freely used and modified, but John Hobby makes these requests:

 - I request that it remain clear that I am the author of
   "A User's Manual for MetaPost" and "Drawing Graphs with MetaPost".
 - I request to be consulted before significant changes are made.

See the end of mpman.tex or mpgraph.tex for the precise conditions.
Auxiliary files (and the MetaPost software itself) are public domain,
including the data (.d) files here, which due to file format limitations
cannot incorporate a license themselves.

See the Makefile for the sequence of commands to create the DVI/PS/PDF output.
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