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The old wsuipa phonetic fonts often don't compile on newer TeX
installations. The wsuipa fonts were superseded by the tipa fonts. The
wsu2tipa program translates a LaTeX file with wsuipa font commands into
a file with tipa font commands.

To compile on Unix:

    flex -B -8 wsu2tipa.l
    gcc -s -Wall -o wsu2tipa lex.yy.c -lfl
    rm lex.yy.c

If you have a C compiler, but no Flex, you can use the pre-flexed file
Peter Kleiweg

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (37.0k).

wsuipa2tipa – Translate wsuipa font commands into tipa font commands

Old wsuipa fonts don't compile well on newer distributions, and may be unavailable on your local installation. The fonts are superseded by the newer tipa fonts. The program wsu2tipa works as a filter that translates an old document, replacing all wsuipa font commands with tipa font commands.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerPeter Kleiweg
See alsowsuipa
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