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This directory contains files for some programs that I wrote, which are useful
for spell-checking your TeX/LaTeX documents...It also includes a com file to
install the programs.. While the "C" programs could be ported to other
machines, the com files are for the VMS users...
README.TXT      This file - you are reading...
CHK.C     	This file is the program that strips the TeX/LaTeX commands
                from your source file and produces an output file to run 
                spell on.
PUTBACK.C       This file is the program that takes the original TeX/LaTeX
                source file and the spell checked file as inputs and 
                produces a spell-checked TeX/LaTeX file..
TSPELL.COM      A command procedure that invokes chk and DECspell, to run 
                the spell check. If there are modifications, then, it
                invokes the putback. So, you get a spell-checked document.
SETUP.COM       This is the initial setup to be run by the users every session.
INSTALL.COM     The command procedure to compile and link.... 

One parting remark... please don't make TeX/LaTeX changes while
spell-checking... I mean, do not add any \'s  while spell checking... If you
do so, the output will be garbage...

This software provided as is without any warranty, direct or implied.

Please report bugs, suggestions etc to me...Hope this stuff is of some use.

Viswanathan Narayanan
   email:                                        Phone:
        internet:vnaraya2@sunrise.acs.syr.edu        Res:(315)-422-2710
        bitnet  :vnaraya2@sunrise                    Off:(315)-443-3071
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