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TeX Converter

This program is a windows front-end to a number of programs that convert 
TeX or Latex files to another format:

1. HeVeA converts LaTeX files to HTML without using graphics
2. Tth converts (La)TeX files to HTML without using graphics
3. TeX4ht converts (La)TeX files to HTML using GIFS,PNGs or JPEGs
4. LaTeX2HTML converts LaTeX files to HTML using GIFS or PNGs
5. TeXify is part of MiKTeX and converts (La)TeX files to DVI and PDF
6. LaTeX and pdfLaTeX are part of MiKteX and convert LaTeX files to 
   DVI and PDF respectively

All these programs run in DOS and require complicated command lines.
The purpose of TeX Converter is to make these programs easy to run.

It is not necessary to install all these programs. For example HeVea
and Tth can be run without installing MiKteX. The downloaded files 
install TeX Converter only. HeVeA, Tth, TeX4ht, LaTeX2HTML, TeXify and 
MiKTeX must be downloaded and installed separately.

The program also converts LaTeX files written by Scientific Notebook
and Scientific Word/Workplace.

TeX Converter is freeware - see licence.txt

TeX Converter should work in 32 bit Windows ie Windows 95/98/Me and 

1. Run the Setup program to install TeX Converter and its various files.

2. Open TeX Converter.ini and change the paths to match your files.

   Thus if HeVeA is in C:\Hevea then change
   Hevea=D:\TeX\Hevea to Hevea=C:\Hevea
   This is essential if you want TeX Converter to find the relevant 
   There are up to 13 changes you need to make. If you haven't installed
   one of the programs leave the path empty.

   If you are using Version 1.4 or later you can get TeX Converter to
   write this for you by clicking on the Help tab then choosing
   Program Locations. Type in the paths or press the buttons marked ...
   You can also use Auto Search to look for the necessary files.

   If you update any of the programs that you are using you must update
   the program locations, otherwise TeX Converter may be unable to run
   some programs or may insist on running an old version if still 
   Ghostscript, for example, changed its default location for version
   6.01 and then again for 6.50. Alternatively, you may wish to 
   rationalise your folders. Please let TeX Converter know!

3. If you are using Win 95/98/Me then:

   Open Windows Explorer. Right-click on Convert.bat and choose 
   Properties. Click on the Program tab and ensure the 'Close on exit' 
   box is ticked.
   Click on the Memory tab and in the 'Initial Environment' dropdown box 
   select 1024.

   Then press OK.

   These changes will ensure the DOS box opens and closes by itself and
   that you don't get 'Out of environment space' messages. If you do 
   still get such messages, change 1024 to a higher number. Environment 
   space problems don't happen in NT or Win2000, and NT seems to default
   to automatically closing DOS.

4. Make a shortcut for TeX Converter.exe and put this shortcut in
   the SendTo folder. Then you can right-click on a TeX file in 
   Windows Explorer and choose Send To and Tex Converter and it will
   automatically put the file name in the box for you.

   You can also drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to TeX 

That's it. Now you should be able to run TeX Converter.

1. HeVeA and Tth are fast programs which run without user intervention.
   The error messages flash by too quickly to read, so TeX Converter
   doesn't bother to show them and instead saves them in a log file.
   To read this file press View Log.

   TeX4ht, LaTex2HTML TeXify, pdfLaTeX all use LaTeX and may need user 
   input so the messages are put on screen. They still produce a log 
   which again will be shown by the View Log button.
   There is a Pause after DOS checkbox for Tex4ht and Latex2HTML 
   (press Adjust Init File to see it) if you want to read DOS messages
   before the window closes.

2. Do install the latest version of LaTeX2HTML - for example from
   TeX Converter has been tested on version 99.2 beta 6 and there is
   no guarantee it will work with previous versions.
   There's a good installation guide at 
   with an updated version at

   Installation problems
   Some people have reported problems installing LaTeX2HTML especially 
   with version 6.01 of Ghostscript. Here are a number of workarounds:
   (the error messages in quotes are on the screen and in config.log)

   a. 'checking for gswin32c... no' means that Ghostscript can't be 
      found. This can happen if the LaTeX2HTML installation is on a 
      different drive from that of Ghostscript. I would suggest keeping 
      all the programs (including Perl and Netpbm) on the same drive

   b. 'checking if perl globbing works...' which is followed by the 
      program stopping or even causing a crash. Turn off any anti-virus 
      checkers and make the changes to config.bat in d. below
      (globbing means understanding wildcards like * and ? in file names)

   c. 'checking for ghostscript version... no
      Error: could not determine gs version
      Warning: Will not be able to generate images due to above failure'
      This is due to a change in the way Ghostscript version 6.01 reports 
      its version and other features and the installation code is at 
      present unable to find the information. Until the code is changed 
      the following should work:
      In config.pl (in \config subdirectory) add after
      and before
          # Configure things determined by the Ghostscript version
      the 2 lines
          @gs_devs=qw(pnmraw ppmraw);

   d. I have found that a few changes to config.bat can also help
      Change the first few lines to (with your correct paths):

	REM this is a DOS batch file

	REM *vital* This is the path to the perl interpreter
	set opath=%path%
	REM put in the correct paths for perl in the next two lines
	set path=%path%;c:\perl\bin;c\perl\lib
	set PERL=c:\perl\bin\perl.exe
	REM change the following paths if necessary
	set gs_lib=c:\aladdin\gs6.01\lib;c:\aladdin\fonts

	REM ------------------------------------------------------------
	ECHO Starting Configuration...

      and at the end of config.bat add

	ECHO Configuration procedure finished
	set path=%opath%
	set perl=
	set gs_lib=

      Finally, if you are using Windows 95, 98 or Me change the 
      Environment space from Auto to 1024:
      In Windows Explorer right-click on Convert.bat then Properties 
      then Memory tab and in the 'Initial Environment' dropdown box 
      select 1024.

      It is not necessary to do this in Windows NT or 2000

3. TeX Converter supports Philip A Viton's htrun facility for TeX4ht.
   You may put htrun.exe and its batch files files in any directory 
   which will allow you to use both MiKteX and Scientific Workplace 
   versions. TeX Converter expects to find a copy of htrun.exe in 
   each directory containing the batch files.

   Please note that htrun's method of putting the options on the 
   command line rather than in the tex file is now the preferred
   way of working. It has a greater range of output possibilities;
   indeed working without it may well cease to be supported in the 
   future. It is strongly advised that you install the relevant files.

   MiKteX files can be found at:
   with the htrun files at:

   SWP files can be found at:

   Version 2.5 now supports the command line for any non-htrun batch 
   file while still allowing the option of using of \usepackage. If the 
   command line is used and htrun not used (and Scientific Workplace not 
   selected) then the default batch file is htlatex; using \usepackage 
   defaults to ht latex. SWP users should normally use htrun which has 
   been specially adapted to their requirements.

   Version 2.5 reads and writes the command line slightly differently,
   so if you upgrade from an earlier version TeX Converter will ask you
   to check a previous command line in case it has read it wrongly.
4. TeX Converter also supports Philip A Viton's automated production of 
   PDF files for Scientific Workplace/Word. Full instructions and the
   necessary files are available at:

   TeX Converter will help you install the files (PDF tab then 
   Setup batch files).

5. Advanced Tex4ht users may wish to alter the command line to test
   ideas or to use new options which haven't yet been supported by TeX
   Converter. To do this, just before pressing the Convert button, click
   on the textbox containing the words Command line: then Press the Esc 
   key. The key is a toggle so pressing the Esc key again turns off this 
   feature. Do note that changes to the command line should be made after 
   all the options have been selected, otherwise the changes will be 

   From Version 2.6.6 you can double-click as an alternative to pressing

   If you use code fragments regularly then from version 2.6.11 TeX
   Converter will show them in a dropdown box when you press Esc. When you
   click on an entry in the box the code fragment will be placed in the 
   command line at the cursor position. Put the code fragments (one fragment
   per line) into a file called codefragments.txt saved in the TeX Converter 

6. Tex4ht has an extensive language which allows the user to configure 
   the resulting HTML. This is achieved by using document-level 
   configuration files - for details see 
   'Advanced Use of TeX4ht', 'Configuring TeX4ht's HTML'
   and the material on myconfig.cfg in that section.

   TeX Converter offers an easy way to use a configuration file by using 
   its own configuration file tcconfig.cfg. This is accessed via the Edit 
   tcconfig.cfg button in the Advanced window.

   Use tcconfig.cfg to insert modifications that are to be available to
   all documents. The default code in this file will also then enable any
   document-level configuration files you may wish to use (these have the
   same name as the tex file but with extension .cfg or .cfh).

   There is online help for the Tex4ht code at
   You can ask TeX Converter to generate an up-to-date manual called
   Tex4htCode.txt. This is done by applying Tex4ht to a small tex file.

7. When using LaTeX2HTML or Tex4ht tex files are copied to a destination
   directory before any conversion. This allows TeX Converter to make 
   any required changes to a copy of the tex file whilst leaving the 
   original untouched.

   TeX Converter then changes the current directory to the new directory
   and copies files referenced in \input and \include commands to that 
   directory. Normally, class files and packages are kept in a texmf 
   tree where Latex can find them, but it is possible to keep special
   versions in the same directory as the tex file, and these will then be 
   used. TeX Converter will attempt to copy any such class files 
   referenced in \documentclass but you may need to copy other files 
   manually to the destination directory so that Latex can find them.

8. From version 2.6.0 onwards you can easily check for updates by 
   pressing the Update Check button on the Help tab. Updates shouldn't
   be required unless a required feature has been added or a there is
   a bug.

   The updating mesage will open in the external or internal browser
   as chosen on the first four tabs.

9. Older versions of TeX Converter accommodated use of an images 
   subdirectory for tex4ht graphics by post-processing the html files. 
   From version 2.6.6 onwards you can get Tex4ht itself to produce the 
   references, which is more efficient.

   TeX Converter will add the command imgdir:images/ and Tex4ht will 
   create the correct paths. However, for this to work you may need 
   to update your tex4ht files. Look for *.4ht dated 31st August 2002 
   or later in the 'alternative zipped' files on Tex4ht's Bug Fixes and 
   Comments page at 
   If you have an earlier version of Tex4ht then it will ignore the
   new command and TeX Converter will post-process the files for you.

   In other words, TeX Converter will use the best method for creating
   the html files without any need for action by the user.

10. TeX Converter now supports the mouseover option. For details on this
    see Updates (25 July 2002) at 
    which will explain how SWP can use this option.

    Miktex users will also require updated tex4ht files dated 
    24 July 2002 or later obtainable from

    In addition Miktex users will also require xhtex.bat:

       If you use htrun (highly recommended) then look for a file 
       called xhtexm.bat (which may be inside xhtml.zip) and make 
       a copy called xhtex.bat and save it in your htrun directory.

       If you don't use htrun or cannot find this file then 
       download it from 
       Look for xhtex.bat in the MS Bitmap Math column and save it 
       in your Tex4ht directory - changing the name of the downloaded 
       file from xhtex-bat.txt to xhtex.bat.

Possible Problems
1. Try not to bury your programs or TeX files too deep in the directory 
   structure. It can cause problems where TeX Converter has to send 
   long commands to DOS. You can be warned of this by checking the 
   'Warn if command line is too long' in TeX Converter's Help.

2. Try not to use long file or directory names. These are shortened by 
   DOS which puts a ~ in the filename/directory. TeX Converter gets
   over this by offering to swap ~ to _. However, as a general rule
   stick to short file names in short directories with no spaces so 
   that the DOS names are the same.
   If you do wish to try using a long file name for the tex file then
   you can choose this option on the Help tab, More.... Please do be
   aware that many TeX related programs do not support long file names
   and may not work properly, and may give hard to find errors.

3. You will be able to convert files on a CD-ROM because, if necessary,
   TeX Converter will offer to copy them onto a hard drive first.

4. TeX Converter can use its own Web Browser to view HTML files.
   This is based on Internet Explorer so is unlikely to work
   if you don't have IE installed. If it doesn't work click on 
   'Use External Browser' and it will then use the default browser 
   installed on your system.

5. If you have installed Tex4ht for MiKteX and do not wish to use
   htrun (though this is now the preferred option) or htlatex.bat then
   ensure there is a file called ht.bat in the Tex4ht directory with the 
      %1 %2.tex
      %1 %2.tex
      %1 %2.tex
      tex4ht %2
      t4ht %2
   If not, create ht.bat or alter the similar ht.tab

6. There appears to be a clash between LaTex2HTML and anti-virus software
   such as Norton or McAfee. If you have trouble installing or running 
   LaTeX2HTML try deactivating the anti-virus checker. TeX Converter 
   will, if you wish, remind you to do this every time you run 

7. Allowing multiple conversions (checkbox on Help tab) lets you process
   more than one tex file at a time, which is particularly useful for
   TeX4ht and LateX2HTML as these programs can require a long period in 
   which to produce pictures. If you turn on this facility it is 
   possible that you will get strange effects. If so, then turn it off, 
   or put AllowMultiProcess=No in the [Preferences] section of 
   TeX Converter.ini.

8. If you click on a link and find the URL has changed, then you can
   update the URL by right-clicking on the link. The new URL will then
   be saved.

9. If you use a low screen resolution or large fonts you may find that
   some of the windows don't fit onto your screen or that some buttons 
   are off-screen. You may scroll these windows by pressing Alt+arrow 
   key. The amount of scroll for each key press can be changed by 
   clicking on the More... button on the Help tab.
   You can also try checking the "Move buttons I can't see box"
   [If a number of users tell me there is  still a problem I could 
   redesign the windows but there is so much information to fit on them, 
   which could mean using multiple tabs or windows which is not very 
   friendly either.]

Please keep me informed of any bugs. There are bound to be problems 
especially as it has been tested on a limited number of PCs.

Philip A Viton for lots and lots of help especially with Hevea and Tex4ht
Thomas Wilson for helping to sort out long name problems in NT
Alain Braun for lots of user interface suggestions
Eitan Gurari for encouragement and help in developing advanced Tex4ht
Sebastian Paris for suggesting frames and tcconfig configuration window
for Tex4ht

and everyone else, all of whom have given their help freely.

Version 2.6
- Added licence
- Tex4ht: Default always mean 3 passes
- Debug browser focus change
- Ensure external editors can cope with long file names
- Option to allow non-tex files to be converted (eg Tex4ht and .ltx files)
- Tex4ht: debug showing of html vs xml output
- Tex4ht: allow absolute graphics paths in SWP files
- Update links to Philip Viton's web pages
- Ensure scrollwheel works in browser without needing to click first
- Internal browser now copes with JavaScript focus changes
- Allow for separate alternative editors for text and tex files
- Stop Numlock being turned off in More Preferences
- Tex4ht: Add dropdown box for code fragments
- Tex4ht: Stop XHTML options being saved when Save options on exit 
          is not checked
- Tex4ht: removed bug when copying graphics file in SWP's \Frame and with 
          \framebox generally
- Correct for XP's version of SendTo plus other minor bugs
- Tex4ht: Added MathPlayer option
- Tex4ht: Removal of delete custom code bug
- Tex4ht: Correction of bug that creates images subdirectory with 
          overlib.js when not requested
- Tex4ht: Added support for tex4ht to create images subdirectory 
          references in the HTML files.
- Tex4ht: Added double-click option to use manual command line
- Tex4ht: Added option to save advanced settings
- Tex4ht: Clear out unwanted files in output directory
- Tex4ht: Added support for mouseover (using overlib.js)
- PDF: Added check for Windows XP in Setup batch files
- Update: Minor change to show correct revisions from current version
- Tex4ht: Copy correctly tcconfig files for XHTML
- Added update check on Help tab

Version 2.5
- PDF: Added 0 passes option for SWP + Ghostscript
- Tex4ht & Latex2html: Added copying of \documentclass file kept in the
  tex file directory to the destination directory
- Added revision file number and file date & time to help tab
- Hevea: Added support for Esponja the HTML optimizer in version 1.06
- Hevea: Added support for Philip Viton's byte/native code
- Tex4ht: Remove bug stopping use of other batch files
- Tex4ht: Copy foo.bbl and mydoc.* files to destination directory
- Tex4ht: Workaround for SWP grahics+babel-french problem
- Tex4ht: Allow htrun to work with \usepackage
- Tex4ht: Substantial changes in the code to allow for command line and 
  \usepackage options for any non-htrun batch files. htlatex and 
  ht latex (and xht for SWP) are now the respective defaults

Version 2.4
- Tex4ht: Fixed bug which could make mangled copy of tcilatex.tex
- Tex4ht: Fixed bug where SWP graphics were not being copied to correct
- Tex4ht: Added option for aligned equations in amsmath
- Fixed Windows NT/2000 crash in Auto Search for non-Administrator mode
- Tex4ht: Added options for glyph image type
- Tex4ht: Added append footnote option
- Hevea: Added -fix option

Version 2.3
- Tex4ht: Force use of / instead of \ for image subdirectory
- Tex4ht: Give indication of progress in processing html files
- Tex4ht: Eliminate double insertion of text in copied tex file
- Tex4ht; Adds number of latex passes if allowed in miktex htrun.ini
- Tex4ht: Subdocuments are now copied correctly
- DVI: Removed erroneous reference to pdfLatex
- PDF: Added refresh for printers list in setup batch files
- Tex4ht: Added support for subsubdocuments
- Tex4ht: Fixed error referencing included files 
- Tex4ht: Added support for htlatex and any non-htrun batch file
- Added long file name support for tex files
- Added new More Preferences form
- Added scrolling of forms and option to move off-screen buttons for low 
  screen resolutions or large system fonts
- Added facility to change URL of links
- Tex4ht: Repaired broken link to tex4ht manual
- Tth: Removed extraneous -L from command line
- Tex4ht: Fixed error where not all graphics files were copied to 
  destination folder
- PDF: Added automatic setup for batch files
- PDF: Updated support for changed pdfmakegstc.bat file
- Tex4ht: Added facility for saving and loading of configuration code
- Tex4ht: Added edit window for tcconfig configuration file

Version 2.2
- Tex4ht: Removed unnecessary frames number
- Latex2html: Save split depth and verbosity to ini file
- Tex4ht: Added support for subdocuments
- Tex4ht: Added support for frames
- Tex4ht: Allow manual editing of command line for advanced users
- Tth: Update check for @hour etc
- Tex4ht and Latex2html: Save Pause after DOS option to ini file
- Tth: Update command line to work with newer versions
- Latex2html: Show new link for installation help
- Eliminated bug when pressing OK on program locations
- PDF: Added support for Philip Viton's automated PDF from 
  Scientific Workplace

Version 2.1
- Latex2html: Extra help in readme.txt for installation
- Reorganised this readme.txt so that the most recent revision is in the 
  logical place ie at the top
- Latex2html: Link on help page to mirror site during August 2000 only
- Tex4ht: Save number of SWP latex passes to ini file
- Tex4ht and Hevea: Serial conversion of tex files - allow option to 
  change links referencing tex files to links referencing html files
- Tex4ht: Support Philip Viton's conversion of graphics. Files such as
  graphics or config files are copied to the required directories
- Tex4ht and Latex2HTML: Copy graphics like snapshots to images
- Tex4ht and Latex2HTML: Look for gs_init.ps rather than gswin32c.exe
  which takes account of new folders for Ghostscript 6.01 but still
  works for version 5.50.
- Tex4ht: Allow long file names for SWP
- Hevea: Updated link for Hevea 1.05
- Tex4ht: Better monitoring in of \package in tex file
- Tex4ht: Support new switch name for htrun
- Tex4ht: Allow user to choose batch file to run
- Tex4ht: Show command line
- Tex4ht: Added support for alternative htrun switches
- Tex4ht: Ensured browser loads xml files (even though IE can't read
- Tex4ht: Added support for htrun using command line options
  and supporting new output formats xhtml, mathml, mozilla  
- All programs: Added multiple conversions
- Tex4ht: Corrected labels not showing text properly (thanks to Philip)
- Tex4ht: Added advanced options for sectioning, xhtml, jpgs etc
- Tex4ht: Added support for Philip A Viton's htrun files

Version 2.0
- Ensured Latex2html saves html files in correct directory
- Added pause option to Tex4ht
- Document path problem in Latex2html sorted out
- Ensured that hacha uses correct paths, only one version of TeX 
  Converter runs, default editor used for files, edit tex file button 
  added, choice of text editor (again thanks to Alain Braun).
- Added Hacha support to Hevea (thanks to Alain Braun for his ideas and
- Added Latex2html.init file to download ($HTML_VERSION = '3.2,math')
- Made images subdirectory Netscape friendly (using / not \)
- Changed misleading text in Program Locations browser windows
- Added options to Hevea for French mode and verbosity (for debugging)
- Prevent crash if filename is used for path in Program Locations
- Minor bugs dealt with
- Removed restrictions on settings (may be overwritten by l2h)
- L2h Init Form - added scroll bars and pause option
- Ensured Reload INI used newly saved version of file
- Squashed startup tab bug
- Added support for LaTeX2HTML

Version 1.4
- Allow change of start-up configuration on Load Configuration form
- Changed names of Hevea and Tth log files to give name of TeX file 
  that has been converted. Needs new version of convert.bat so version
  checked on start
- Added converted tex files history list
- Enable DVI options disabled in error
- Eliminated bug in altering tex4ht html file for images subdirectory
- Added Auto Search option to find program paths
- Added Program Locations button to allow easier entry of paths

Version 1.3
- Added Hevea configurations to INI file
- Ensure filename is at top of Tth log for all versions of Tth
- Added option to store Tex4ht image files in separate subdirectory
- Added facility to change subdirectory where Tex4ht files are stored
- Added tooltips to links
- Added links to Philip A Viton's tutorials
- Tex4ht can choose to use Scientific Workplace's TrueTeX compiler

Version 1.2
- More bugs squashed including Windows NT not finding convert.bat
- Eliminated (I hope!) bug causing Run Time Error 52: Bad File Name or
  Number message and crash
- Use user-defined path for tth.exe (so not dependent on installation 
  of MiKteX)
- Allow inline graphics in Tth
- Correct bug in log file path
- Allow long file names for tex files when using Hevea or Tth
- Allow programs to be stored in directories with long file names
- Less confusing scrolling of styles box when using arrows
- Correct showing of styles in load configuration form
- Check for version of Hevea and run xxdate.exe for version 1.05
- Allow delete configurations in Load Configuration
- Corrected error where TeX Converter wouldn't load Include Style setting
- stop adding blank lines to end of convert.bat
- If configuration is empty then Save Configuration deletes unwanted 
- Use default configuration at start-up
- Resolve errors in Load Configuration
- Hevea now saves html files to tex doc directory with .html extension 
  and Tth now uses .htm, so as to be compatible with forthcoming version 
  of Hevea for Scientific Workplace/Word
- Add drag facility to styles list
- Warn if Hevea or Tth give more than 50 bytes of errors
- Allow option to save browser position independently of Save Preferences

Version 1.1
- TeX Converter now writes directly to convert.bat to avoid long
  command lines
- Ini file minor changes
- Reload ini option
- Larger form to cope with new options
- More extensive Hevea options allowing multiple use of style files,
  excluded file, saveable configurations and text/info output. Thanks 
  to Philip A Viton for all his help.
- A few small bugs swatted eg now reads imagemagick, ghostscript paths

Steve Mayer <mayer@dial.pipex.com> 12th August 2004

(c) Steve Mayer 1999

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.3M).

Converter – Windows front-end to various to HTML converters

Converter is a Windows front-end to 4 programs that convert to HTML — HeVeA, TtH, 4ht and 2HTML.

These programs run in DOS and require complicated command lines. The purpose of Converter is to make these programs easy to run.

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