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Copyright (C) 1991,1999 by Bernd Raichle.
You are not allowed to change this readme file.
For distribution of unchanged and changed versions see convert.ins.
You should get the following files:
  readme           This file.

  convert.ins      Command file for docstrip.tex to produce convert.tex

  convert.dtx      `convert' tool for use with plainTeX or LaTeX.
                   You can run it through the docstrip.tex program to
                   produce a shorter TeX file.
  convdoc.tex      Driver for documentation.

  convert.tbl      Sample character translation table.

  testtext.tex     Small sample input file.
  testtext.out     Output file (system dependend!)
To produce the style files please run convert.ins through LaTeX.  This
will generate the tex file.  If you already have older versions of the
files, docstrip will ask whether or not you want to overwrite those

convert.dtx: \def\fileversion{1.0b}
convert.dtx: \def\filedate{1991/07/08}

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (15.4k).

convert – Generate Knuthian encoding for text files

Convert a file in an 8-bit character set to one that uses Knuth’s ^^x notation for non-ASCII characters.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerBernd Raichle
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