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The TeX Live Launcher is an easy way to give Windows users access to
a TeX Live installation on a network as if it were a local


- On first startup, the launcher does the user configuration which
  would otherwise have been done during a local installation.

- the menu items and buttons within the launcher replace the several
  Start menu items normally created during a local installation.

- Easy customization with an ini file, e.g. incorporating additional

See the manual for placement of tlaunch.exe and tlaunch.ini, and for
customizing the ini file.

The launcher is already part of TeX Live. The 2017 installer has an
option to make the installation launcher-based.

A script tlaunchmode is included which can convert a classic
installation into a launcher-based one and back. The manual has a
section on this script.

The file rug.zip contains as an example a more elaborate
configuration, based on the installation at the Rijksuniversiteit

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (544.7k).

tlaunch – A Windows GUI to run a networked Live as if installed locally

TLaunch, or the Live launcher, is a Windows GUI to run a shared or networked Live. It takes care of all the configuration which would be done otherwise by a local installer.

The interface and file associations are configured via an ini file, which can be edited to give access to additional -related software.

The author told us in March 2023: “Please move tlaunch to obsolete. It is Live-specific, and already part of the wintools package. Therefore a CTAN package is not terribly useful.”

Version0.5.3 2017-06-29
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3 or newer
Copyright2017 Siep Kroonenberg
MaintainerSiep Kroonenberg
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