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Direc­tory obsolete/graphics/pstricks/doc

				!! WARNING !!

  These files are the original documentation of the version 0.93a of PSTricks.
They are provided "as it", because there are still the _reference_
documentation for PSTricks.

  But take care that:
      - this documentation is not strictly up to date,
      - the betadoc?.ps files show some changes made in macros described
in the pst-usr?.ps ones,
      - the file pst-doc.err list the known errors in the files of this
      - there is no documentation for the `pst-3d' package,
      - the documentation for the `pst-fill' package is in the doc directory,
      - you can take advantage to look at the PSTricks chapter of
"The LaTeX Graphics Companion", by Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz and
Frank Mittelbach, Addison Wesley, 1997

Denis Girou and Sebastian Rahtz (updated February 25, 1998)
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