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000readme.txt           This file.
alexmisc.tex            Uppercase roman numerals, real/complex number
                        symbols, and overstrike bold to name a few.
automagic.tex           Auto-equation numbering, -section numbering, and
                        -table-of-contents generator.
endnote.tex             To make end notes instead of / opposed to using
firstline.tex           Cause the first line of a paragraph to use a
                        different font from the rest of the lines in the
frame.tex               More versatile method to enclose material in
                        line boxes (rules).
letter.tex              DEK's letter macro from the TeXbook.
memo.tex                Sample memorandum banner generator.
referencer.tex          Auto-referencer.
tables.tex              Versatile method for making tables with lines.
toc.tex                 Simple table of contents macros.
verbatim_1.tex          To TeX lines as typed in a file (verbatim).
verbatim_2.tex          Another one.

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sam­ples – Sam­ples of Plain cod­ing

A col­lec­tion of code sam­ples that may prove use­ful.

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