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LeXTeX is a collection of macros intended to enable lawyers,
and in particular Barristers, to format their work using
TeX. The package consists of the following files---

READ.ME                 This file.

LEXTEX.TEX              The principle macro file.
RHLOCAL.TEX             A file containing local modifications.
SOLICITORS.TEX          A database file.

LTMAN.TEX               A Manual for LeXTeX.
EXAMPLE1.TEX            A file containing some examples.

DPI300                  A Directory containing the following
                        fonts at 300dpi---

DPI360                  A Directory containing the same fonts
                        as DPI300 but at 360dpi (magstep1)

TFM                     A Directory containing the tfm files
                        for the same fonts.

Installing the package is to a certain extent machine and
software dependent. The files LEXTEX.TEX, RHLOCAL.TEX and
SOLICITORS.TEX should be installed in the directory
containing input files. In the emTeX distribution this is

The files LTMAN.TEX and EXAMPLE1.TEX can also be installed in
this directory. Alternatively they can be put in the working
directory (which may be \EMTEX itself).

The fonts need to be installed in the appropriate
directories. Various versions of emTeX seem to store fonts
in different directories and to set up the paths to find
them in different ways. These paths are set up by files
called, for example, LJ.CNF. Details of these can be found
in the file called something like
\EMTEX\DOCS\ENGLISH\DVIDRV.DOC. It may be necessary to
rename DPI300 and DPI360 to 300DPI and 360DPI or to make a
corresponding alteration to the CNF file or files. Some
systems may require the files to be given the extension .PK

The files in the directory TFM should be copied into the
directory \EMTEX\TFM. Some systems require them to be given
the extension .TFM

There are two ways of running LeXTeX. The first involves
creating a format file. To do this it is necessary to use a
version of TeX called IniTeX. In the case of emTeX this is
actually the same program as TeX. To create the format file
using emTeX type---


Note that it is essential that \dump is typed in lower case.

After a fair time TeX will report that it has created a
format file called LEXTEX.FMT. This should be moved into the
directory called something like \EMTEX\TEXFMTS. (Some
implementations of TeX call this directory simply FMT or

Now to format the Manual type---


To format the file EXAMPLE1.TEX type TEX &LEXTEX EXAMPLE1

The second method of using LeXTeX does not involve creating
a format file. In this case simply type---


This will be somewhat slower than the first method.

To print the resulting files is very system dependent. In
the case of emTeX the command---

PRTHPLJ LTMAN should work provided that the correct paths to
the fonts have been set up. The documentation on the printer
driver is very thorough and you should have no real

Roger Horne
7 New Square
Lincoln's Inn
London WC2A 3QS


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (78.7k).

lextex – Typesetting legal documents using plain

LeX is a collection of macros intended to enable English lawyers, and in particular Barristers, to format their work using Plain . The bundle incorporates the ruled table macros from sis.

MaintainerRoger Horne
Plain ext
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