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This is TeXtyl, a post-processor for TeX, which
allows you to typeset graphic line-drawings in
a device-independent manner. It makes use of the \special
facility of TeX to insert commands into the original
 .DVI file produced by TeX, and post-processes that
file, producing another .DVI file for spooling to 
your favorite printer.

TeXtyl is written in Pascal because of portability
requirements while under development at Ohio State.  For that
reason, the main portion is one monolithic file, with hooks
into Unix (in a manner similar to that of  "dvitype").  The
original TeXtyl has/had the ability to typeset musical beams.
The enclosed version does not have that ability for reasons of
space and utility. If you feel that you really need it, write
to me at the address below.  Positive suggestions and
ideas for improvements are welcomed, as are actual
improvements to the code.

Also included is the TeXtyl manual, describing
how to use TeXtyl. It is a LaTeX document, using
TeXtyl-commands for examples. It is also available
as a technical report from Ohio State University's
Computer & Information Sciences Dept. at
1036 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210. 
TR #OSU-CISRC-4/87-TR9.  The current version has the
added flexiblity of patterned lines, which is not
reflected in the OSU report.

Finally, in a subsequent posting, are the vector fonts
for actually typesetting the graphic figures. Although
given at a 300dpi resolution, the fonts were created
for device-independence. The file "vecbase.mf" is
included, but has not been translated to the newer
version of Metafont. See the TeXtyl manual for 
implementation details of the vector fonts.

This posting comes in several pieces. The directory
stucture currently looks like:
README    doc/       src/       vecfonts/


h00vars.h textyl.pas.aa textyl.pas.ad textyl.pas.ag
makefile  textyl.pas.ab textyl.pas.ae textyl.pas.ah
texpaths.h textyl.pas.ac textyl.pas.af tylext.c tylext.h

vecfonts.shar.aa  vecfonts.shar.ab  
vecfonts.shar.ac  vecfonts.shar.ad 

TeXtyl was written by John Renner between 1984-1987
while at the Ohio State University, and elsewhere/when.
These files and the TeXtyl system are Copyright (c) 1987 by
John S. Renner, All rights reserved. You may
freely use this program, as long as you do no
sell it (nor any derivatives of it),
and as long as I receive a copy of all modifications.
This copyright notice must stay intact and accompany
the TeXtyl sources and manual.

The program, TeXtyl, and the vector fonts were
derived either independently or from sources noted
in the TeXtyl manual. There is absolutely NO relationship
between this work and the work done by Adobe Systems, Inc.,
as TeXtyl was written entirely and independently by 
John Renner prior to association with that company.

Current Address: John Renner
		100 N Whisman #211
		Mountain View, CA 94043


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