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Directory macros/latex209/contrib/tengtex

The files in this directory are by Ivan A Derzhanski

His notice of the files said:

I've just put the five files making up the TengTeX 1.00 package
on ftp.tex.ac.uk in the directory  incoming.  (The package is a
collection of macros for the (La)TeX typesetting in JRR Tolkien's
Elvish languages.)

The five files are:

Tira_ni      Description.
tengtex.tex  TeX style sheet.
tengtex.sty  LaTeX style sheet.
tengdoc.tex  User's manual in LaTeX.
vanda.tex    Quasi-copyright oath.

--Ivan A Derzhanski

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (15.5k).

tengtex – Typesetting in Tolkien’s Tengwar script

Typesets Eldarin language texts in FĂ«anorian Tengwar, using either the teng10 or the tengwar fonts. Versions of the macros for both (2.09) and Plain are provided.

LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
MaintainerIvan A Derzhanski
TopicsLanguage invented
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