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Following files are made for those who do not have conventional typewriter
(such as me) but need to fill in various questionnaires etc. FILLFORM.TEX
accepts interactive input of entries with specified position and stores them
in a file. You can preview the filled-in form with framed entries so that you
can find out whether your will fit into the space available. If the entry does
not fit, you can edit the saved document (e.g. add `\small') and rerun
FILLFORM.TEX. Finally you rerun it without frames and print.

All you need is to have LaTeX or emTeX installed and to have a printer which
enables feeding of single sheets of paper.

The file uses transfer mechanism of SELECT.STY, which is therefore included in
this pack. You should obtain the set of five files:

FILLFORM.REA --- this file
FILLFORM.TEX --- the main file
SAMPLFRM.TEX --- sample file with comments
SELECT.STY   --- transfer mechanism needed by FILLFORM.TEX
FAIRYSEL.TEX --- demonstration how to use SELECT.STY

The last two files mentioned are slightly different from those I have recently
posted to Info-TeX but FILLFORM.TEX will properly work even with the older

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (7.3k).

fillform – Typeset answers to overprint on printed forms

The package places picture environments according to a proforma file, and typesets the associated text in the environments. The resulting file is designed to be printed on a single-sheet feed printer, on top of the form itself.

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