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README for the `xt_capts' package (February 1998)

This package allows to define language dependent text macros. They are
called \emph{extended captions}, because \emph{caption} is the term that is
used in \LaTeX2e for denoting language dependent words.

Whenever a new language is selected, the appropriate macros are used,
provided they have been defined. In addition, a default variant can be
defined for \emph{all} languages. And it is possible to use a fixed
language for a caption, which is not affected by changing the current

Running LaTeX on the file `xt_capts.ins' will produce the package file
`xt_capts.sty'. So you should first process

  latex xt_capts.ins

The resulting package file should then be moved to a directory on
LaTeX's standard input path.

The documented source code of this package is in the file `xt_capts.dtx'.
Documentation for the package may be obtained by running LaTeX on that file.

For example:

  latex xt_capts.dtx

will produce the file xt_capts.dvi, documenting the package.

Good Luck!

Olaf Fricke (ofricke@cs.tu-berlin.de)

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (100.9k).

xtcapts – Defining language-dependent text macros

The package provides macros which generate text which switches according to what language has been selected in Babel. The documentation includes an example of the use of the package.

Copyright1997 Olaf Fricke
MaintainerOlaf Fricke (inactive)
Contained inMiKTeX as xtcapts
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