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University of Texas at Austin graduate thesis style

The Digital Submission Requirement page describes the requirements for Masters and Ph.D. thesis submissions. Most utexas.edu URLs are fragile; if that link is dead, try searching for utexas graduate thesis style.


  1. Download the utexasthesis.cls (right click and "Save As...") file into your working directory
  2. Replace your initial \documentclass{...} call with \documentclass{utexasthesis}
  3. Fill in the required personal information by calling the following commands in your preamble (i.e., somewhere before \begin{document}):
    • \title{The Title of Your Dissertation or Treatise}
    • \author{Full Official Name}
      • This should match the "Name of Doctoral Candidate" field on your official "Request For Final Oral Examination" form.
    • \graduationdate{May}{2017}
    • \supervisor{Supervisor Name}
    • \cosupervisor{Cosupervisor Name}
      • % \cosupervisor{} is optional, unless you use the masters option (described below), in which case it's required and \othercommitteemembers{} is ignored.
    • \othercommitteemembers{Member's Name, Member's Name, Member's Name}
  4. Supply \maketitle and the other commands and environments in the proper order.
  5. Use \maketableofcontents instead of \tableofcontents
  6. Use \makebibliography{yourbib} instead of \bibliography{yourbib} (and be sure to specify a style with \bibliographystyle{...}).

Alternatively, you can use the basic.tex (right click and "Save As...") example as a starting point, replacing the placeholder text with your own information. View the pdflatex render of basic.tex on GitHub at basic.pdf, or download.


The formatting guide doesn't specify a required font face. The utexasthesis class doesn't set one, which leaves "Computer Modern Roman" as the default font family.

You can use any font supported by your distribution; e.g., to use the Palatino font, as in the formatting guideline's examples:


Or to use Times, along with a teletype font (which is used in URLs) that's more compact than Courier:



The utexasthesis class can be customized with several optional arguments, which are supplied in the \documentclass{} call, e.g., \documentclass[masters]{utexasthesis}.

  • masters: switch format to Masters thesis, which has the following effects:
    • The document type is set to "Thesis" instead of "Dissertation".
    • The degree is set to "Master of Arts" (M.A.) instead of "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.).
    • The signatures page is styled differently.
  • copyright: adds a copyright page at the beginning of your thesis.
  • Line spacing (defaults to onehalfspacing if omitted):
    • singlespacing: Use single-spacing throughout the document, which is prohibited by the formatting guidelines.
    • onehalfspacing: Use 1.5-spacing throughout the document.
    • doublespacing: Use double-spacing throughout the document.
  • Font sizes (defaults to 12pt if omitted):
    • 10pt: Use 10 point font, which is not recommended by the formatting guidelines.
    • 11pt: Use 11 point font, which is not recommended by the formatting guidelines.
    • 12pt: Use 12 point font.
  • draft: renders a compact version of your thesis. The layout does not comply with the graduate school requirements, but may be useful to print out drafts for review.
    • This option applies the usual draft class options to the underlying report class.
    • The copyright page is omitted even if the copyright option is used.
    • The signatures page is omitted.
    • The main title page is omitted.
    • Chapters do not trigger a page break.

All of these can be used in combination, separated by commas. The few options that have overlapping effects will give priority to the last-listed argument(s) in the listings above. E.g., \documentclass[masters,12pt,draft,11pt]{utexasthesis} will render the Masters thesis format in 12 point font, even though 11pt comes after 12pt in the list of options.


The following packages are imported by utexasthesis:

  • geometry (to set paper size, layout dimensions, and margins)
  • fontenc
  • setspace (configurable via singlespacing / onehalfspacing / doublespacing option)
  • indentfirst (to indent every paragraph, even at the beginning of chapters and sections)
  • natbib
  • tocloft
  • tocbibind
  • url
  • hyperref
  • doi (to hyperlink DOIs in bibliography)


  • Q: How do I number subsubsections? E.g., Chap.Sec.Subsec.Subsubsec

A: Set the secnumdepth and tocdepth counters:

  % number subsubsections
  \setcounter{secnumdepth}{3} % default: 2 (which only numbers up to subsections)
  % include subsubsections in table of contents
  \setcounter{tocdepth}{3} % default: 2

See How to show subsections and subsubsections in TOC? for details.


The utexasthesis document class and related materials are CC0-licensed. This is similar to the Unlicense and WTFPL. This means I (Christopher Brown), have waived all copyright rights to this work, to the extent allowed by law.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (6.1k).

utexasthesis – University of Texas at Austin graduate thesis style

This class file complies with the Digital Submission Requirement for Masters and Ph.D. thesis submissions of the University of Texas at Austin.

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