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Direc­tory macros/latex/contrib/unswthesis

This directory contains the UNSW Thesis class.  The following files are

unswthesis.cls          - The actual thesis class.  Some comments on its use
                          appear in the file itself.
fancyheadings.sty	- Required package by "unswthesis.cls".

testunsw.tex            - Test out some of the UNSW Thesis class.  Requires
                          the above two files.
thesis.tex              - A severly trimmed-down version of my thesis, to
                          show how *I* used the class.  Learning is often
                          best done by example...
mythesis.sty            - Required by "thesis.tex".  Shows how some useful
                          things may be defined in LaTeX-2e.
fancybox.sty            - Required by "thesis.tex" for fancy boxes.

Note that these files are supplied AS IS, without any guarantee as to their
suitability or even complience with university regulations.  Also, I cannot
guarantee that I will support these files, nor provide any help for you to
use them.

I am interested in receiving feedback about these files; please contact me on
John Zaitseff <J.Zaitseff@unsw.edu.au>.

For anyone thinking of using LaTeX-2e seriously for their thesis, etc, I
highly recommend the two books "LaTeX: A document preparation system",
by Leslie Lamport, original author of LaTeX (2nd ed, published by
Addison Wesley), and "The LaTeX Companion", by Goossens, Mittelbach
and Samarin, (Addison Wesley).

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (11.2k).

unswthe­sis – UNSW the­ses

The di­rec­tory con­tains a bun­dle of things re­lated to UNSW Th­e­ses; the au­thor's own the­sis was pre­pared us­ing the class.

Main­tainerJohn Zait­seff
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