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This file is: isostds/README

    This directory contains macros for typesetting ISO international

    The subdirectory `iso' contains a class file and several package
files for typesetting any ISO standard.

    The subdirectory `iso10303' contains package files for typesetting
the many parts of ISO 10303, commonly known as STEP. Use of these
packages requires the contents of subdirectory iso.

    Full documentation is provided. The typesetting is acceptable
to ISO as several parts of ISO 10303 have been published from
camera ready copy generated via LaTeX from the above.

    I hope that others may wish to add to the above facilities. If so,
I suggest that each author use a seperate subdirectory for their
contributions and add to this README.

Peter Wilson
Catholic University of America and NIST 
June 1996

Now at:
September 2002

end of isostds/README

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