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The interactiveanimation Package


	Luis González <luisg123v@gmail.com>,
	Javier Toro <javier.toro@dct.com.ve>,
	Pedro Linares <plinares@uc.edu.ve>


	This package provides an interface to create Portable Document Format
	(PDF) files with branching animations. Animations are built up as a set
	of concatenated interactive frames. Each interactive frame can be set
	to display an image and a set of buttons that allows the course of
	the overall animation to be controlled by the user. Buttons can be
	configured to transfer the action focus to another interactive frame
	and to display an animated image sequence before the forthcoming
	frame is displayed.

	By now, the only supported way for compiling using this package is by
	producing the PDF file with pdfTeX.

	The final PDF can be viewed in current Adobe Readers on all supported
	platforms as long as they have JavaScript support.

	Note: this file only gives a summary of usage and available button
	options. Please refer to the documentation `interactiveanimation.pdf'
	for details and examples.

	build button controllable animationbranching
	animation LaTeX pdfLaTeX JavaScript Adobe Reader



	\begin{aframe}{<frame name>}{<image file>[,<file page>]}
	\controlbutton[<sequence file>,<start page>[,<end page>]]
	{<caption>}{<target frame>}{<button options>}
	    ... other buttons
	    ... other frames

	* Button options: X=<coordinate> | start | center | end,
		Y=<coordinate> | start | center | end,
		position=left | right | above | below | center | from,
		width=<width>, height=<height>, scale=<factor>,
		span=<milliseconds>, transparent, hidden, keep


	pdfTeX, version 1.20
	Adobe Reader, version 6


	Unzip the file `interactiveanimation.zip' and copy the file
	`interactiveanimation.sty' and the folder `javascript' in a place
	where LaTeX can find them.

	MiKTeX users should run the package manager for installation.


	This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See


	for the details of that license.

Thanks to:
	* University: Universidad de Carabobo (http://uc.edu.ve/)
	* Company: DCT (http://www.dct.com.ve/)

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (4.2M).

interactiveanimation – Create PDF files with branching animations

The package provides an interface to create PDF files with branching animations. Animations are built up as a set of concatenated interactive frames; frames may contain images, and buttons which may control the progress of the animation.

The package only works with pdflatex.

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright2012–2013 Luis Gonzáles, Javier Toro and Pedro Linares
MaintainerLuis Gonzáles
Pedro Linares
Javier Toro
Contained inMiKTeX as interactiveanimation
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