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hilowres is a package that can be used to simplify a global inclusion of
low resolution versions of high resolution images, if each pair of files
have the same basename (e.g. bird_low.eps and bird.eps). The package is
a totally uncomplicated wrapper around the \includegraphics command of the
graphicx package. 

Example usage: \hilowfig[width=3in]{bird}. If the option `low' is
specified when loading the package, then the low resolution version
(i.e. bird_low.eps) is used, otherwise the high resolution version (i.e.
bird.eps) is used.

Author: Johann Gerell <jogerell@acc.umu.se>

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (4.5k).

hilowres – Sup­port high and low res­o­lu­tion ver­sions of same pic­ture

A pack­age to sim­plify the in­clu­sion of low res­o­lu­tion ver­sions of high res­o­lu­tion im­ages, if each pair of files have the same base­name (e.g., bird_low.eps and bird.eps). The pack­age is a sim­ple wrap­per around the \in­clude­graph­ics com­mand of the graph­icx pack­age.

Li­cense Li­cense that pre­vents dis­tri­bu­tion
Main­tainer Jo­hann Gerell
Topics sup­port for other pack­ages or for drivers
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