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Here's a list of the files in fax.zip I added lastpage.sty and wasysym.sty
for convenience. NB: wasysym.sty of course still needs the propper fonts
which you will find at most tex-archives I'm sure.

fax      cls       4,411 07-19-95  11:28a
faxdoc   dvi       8,544 07-19-95  11:37a
faxdoc   tex       7,228 07-19-95  11:36a
from     fax         176 07-19-95  11:23a
lastpage sty       2,208 07-01-95   1:36p
nb       fax         333 07-19-95  11:26a
note     fax         305 07-05-95  12:02p
read     me          844 07-19-95  11:42a
sig      sty       1,074 07-19-95  11:28a
sigdoc   dvi       2,972 07-18-95  12:59a
sigdoc   tex       2,429 07-18-95  12:53a
test     dvi       2,412 07-18-95  10:07p
test     tex         786 07-18-95   1:14a
van      fax         160 07-19-95  11:23a
wasysym  sty       8,537 07-01-95  12:11p
       18 file(s)       59,330 bytes

NB: Today 11-10-1995 I added a fax.unx file which is intended for unix 
users. All the other files are dos file. The difference between fax.cls 
and fax.unx is that all the \newcommand* and \renewcommand* have been 
changed to \newcommand and \renewcommand (without the asterisk) Ofcourse 
I also removed the ^M characters with dos2ux. (unix users might need to 
give other files the same treatment)

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (64.0k).

fax – Doc­u­ment class for prepar­ing faxes

The fax class gen­er­ates a suit­able for­mat, us­ing the ar­tikel3 class (from the nt­g­class bun­dle), if it's avail­able, and the last­page pack­age.

A pack­age sig.sty is in­cluded, which en­ables use of scanned sig­na­tures; this pack­age is de­pen­dent on em graph­ics \spe­cial com­mands.

Li­cense Do Not Sell Ex­cept by Ar­range­ment
Main­tainer J. H. M. de Jonge
J. B. Rhe­ber­gen
Topics type­set­ting let­ters, en­velopes, faxes, etc
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