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                 The LaTeX package eurosans
                        version 3.1
                                              Walter Schmidt

The LaTeX package eurosans.sty provides a convenient LaTeX
interface for the free Adobe Euro symbol fonts in Type 1
(PostScript) format.  Loading of the package

provides a new command

which typesets an Euro symbol.  The weight (medium or
boldface), shape (upright or oblique) and width (regular or
condensed) varies according to the font currently selected.
The symbol blends well with most typefaces, except for
typewriter fonts.  The medium/upright/regular variant meets
the official design by the EC.

The Euro fonts can be scaled, in order to match the other
fonts in the document, by loading the package with the
option [scaled=...].  For instance, to use the Euro fonts at
90% of their natural size:


The eurosans package requires the package keyval.sty, which
is part of the "graphics" bundle and should be available
with any decent LaTeX system.

The font family eurosans
The command \euro switches to a particular font family named
"eurosans", which is set up with the encoding "U" only.

NFSS classification:

  series   shapes      PostScript FontName
  m        n,it,sl     EuroSans-Regular, EuroSans-Italic
  b,bx     n,it,sl     EuroSans-Bold, EuroSans-BoldItalic
  mc       n,it,sl     EuroMono-Regular, EuroMono-Italic
  sbc,bc   n,it,sl     EuroMono-Bold, EuroMono-BoldItalic         

(The EuroMono typefaces are actually condensed versions of

Obtaning and installing the Euro Fonts
(1) Install the font metrics (.tfm files), to be found in
the CTAN directory fonts/euro/tfm.

(2) Install a font map file for dvips, pdfTeX etc, to be found
in the CTAN directory fonts/euro/dvips:

zpeu.map is for use with dvips and pdfTeX on PC or Unix
  platform, it requires renaming of the fonts according to 
  the Karl-Berry scheme.
zpeu-origname.map: dito, but you need not rename the fonts;

zpeu-mac.map is for use on the Mac platform

A font map file and the .tfm files for the Euro fonts may
already be provided in your TeX system, so that you need not
install them manually; please, consult its documentation!

(3) Due to legal reasons, the actual Type1 fonts (.pfb and
.afm files) are _not_ distributed from CTAN.  They can be
obtained for free from Adobe:

a) PC, Unix
You will receive a self-extracting archive "eurofont.exe" for
DOS/Win, which can be unpacked using Info-Zip's "unzip"
program, too.  The archive file can also be downloaded

b) Mac
The LWFN-Fonts and the Screenfonts for Apple Macintosh
Computers can be downloaded immediately as:

You need Aladdin's StuffIt Expander to remove the binhex
encoding of the self-extracting archive.


a) PC, Unix

Move the .pfb and .afm files from the archive to a suitable
directory of your TeX system.  When using the map file
"zpeu.map", you also have to rename the files as follows:

  _1______.PFB  ->  zpeurs.pfb
  _1B_____.PFB  ->  zpeubs.pfb
  _1I_____.PFB  ->  zpeuris.pfb
  _1BI____.PFB  ->  zpeubis.pfb
  _2______.PFB  ->  zpeurt.pfb
  _2B_____.PFB  ->  zpeubt.pfb
  _2I_____.PFB  ->  zpeurit.pfb
  _2BI____.PFB  ->  zpeubit.pfb
  _3______.PFB  ->  zpeur.pfb
  _3B_____.PFB  ->  zpeub.pfb
  _3I_____.PFB  ->  zpeuri.pfb
  _3BI____.PFB  ->  zpeubi.pfb

...and ditto for the .AFM files!

When using the map file "zpeu-origname.map", you need NOT
rename the files; however, on Unix you should make sure that
the names are lower case.

b) Mac

If you are using the LWFN fonts for Macs just copy them into
your Fonts folder in the System folder.

See the manual of your TeX distribution.for how to use the 
screen fonts in your dvi viewer.

For OzTeX make a new config file or add the new fonts to an
existing config file like this:

  zpeurs  EuroSanReg  "Euro Sans"  nil

and so on for the other fonts.

Known problems
With dvips prior to version 5.83, partial font downloading
fails with an error message such as:

  File ... ended before all chars have been found
  We scan 0 Chars from 226
  Last seen token was '/Euro'

Partial font downloading can be turned off by calling dvips
with the option -j0 or by specifying j0 in the dvips
configuration file.

This bug has been fixed with dvips version 5.83.

v3.1 2004-01-26
  - fixed implementation of the option "scaled";
  - changed \euro macro to use symbol #128 with the 
    proper glyph name "Euro";
  - added installation instructions for Mac
    (credits to Martin Buchmann)
v3.0 2002-01-09
  optional scaling 
v2.1 2000-06-15
  the EuroMono fonts are used for the condensed series
v2.0 1999-07-21
  changed the font names acording to "Karl Berry" scheme
v1.0 1999-01-19
  \euro is now robust; 
  documentation update

v0.9 1998-11-09 
  first public version

-- finis

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (287.3k).

eurosans – Interface to Adobe’s sans-serif Euro font

Provides a convenient interface for using Adobe’s freely available Type 1 Euro fonts. Loading the package defines a new command \euro which typesets a Euro symbol. The symbol is always taken from the ‘EuroSans’ family, with the weight (medium or boldface) and shape (normal or oblique) varying according to the font currently selected. This Euro symbol meets the official design and matches most font families well enough, except for typewriter fonts.

The fonts themselves are only available from Adobe (though the fonts are free of charge, the licence conditions prevent CTAN from distributing them). Metrics and maps for using the fonts (at all) are available via the adobe-euro package.

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MaintainerWalter A. Schmidt
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