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Directory macros/latex/contrib/cmcyralt

       LaTeX 2e style for Russian fonts in alternative encoding.

The alternative encoding is de-facto standard on MS-DOS PC computers
in Russia. In this encoding first half of code table (0-127) coincides
with standard ASCII and cyrillic characters are located in second part
of the table (128-255). Usually some simple screen and keyboard driver
is used in order to type Russian text.

This directory includes:

   readme         - this file
   cmcyralt.sty   - main style file
   *.fd           - font driver files

   hyphen.cfg     - Russian hyphenation

   rusfonts.tex   - samples and tests

In order to use cmcyralt style you need Russian fonts in alternative
encoding. These fonts is available from CTAN in  /fonts/cmcyralt
Actually it is composite virtual fonts which reproduce alternative
encoding by mapping first half of ASCII table to standard TeX's
Computer Modern font and second part to cmcyr fonts.

The cmcyralt style replaces basic LaTeX fonts by these virtual fonts.
Just place all *.sty and *.fd files into LaTeX input directory and type


in the preamble of your document. Now you can type any English and
Russian text (in alternative encoding) in any order. No any special
font switching commands is required. Invoked with the option russtyle


cmcyralt style not only introduces Russian fonts but replaces also
all (well, I hope all) standard English words which LaTeX uses in
standard styles and classes by their Russian equivalents. 
So "Chapter 1" now will be printed as "Glava 1", "References"
as "Ssylki" or "Literatura" etc.

Since alternative encoding uses codes higher than 127 for Russian
characters you need TeX which understand 8-bit input, and drivers
which understand virtual fonts. The best choice for MS-DOS PC is
emTeX and its dvidrv drivers (/systems/msdos/emtex on CTAN).

If you want to have correct hyphenation for Russian you need to 
generate new LaTeX 2e format file. Put hyphen.cfg (for LaTeX2e before 
Dec. 94  this file must be renamed to lthyphen.cfg) and rhyphen.tex in 
LaTeX input directory and call iniTeX. In particular, for emTeX you 
have to type

   tex /i /o /8 /mt15000 latex.ltx

This produces format with both English and Russian hyphenation tables.
Notice, that this format must be invoked with the same /mt switch

   tex /mt15000 &latex document.tex

Uploaded by Vadim V. Zhytnikov (vvzhy@phy.ncu.edu.tw)

P.S. I added styles russian.sty, glava.sty supplied by
Viktor Boyko and fancychapter.sty.

Vadim Maslov, vadik@cs.umd.edu

Here are descriptions of these files:

  This package makes table of contents suitable for documents where chapters
  have no names (such as in most Russian books).
  By Victor Boyko (vb1890@cs.nyu.edu). 01/06/95.

  This package redefines several LaTeX defaults for printing Russian
  documents in alternative encoding. Uses packages cmcyr and
  indentfirst. By Victor Boyko (vb1890@cs.nyu.edu). 01/18/95.

  Most probably, you will *not* need this package, since
  option russtyle of cmcyralt already does most of the stuff
  done by russian.sty.
  However, these styles are slightly different, and you may
  find something in russian.sty that you may want to use in your
  documents (like \frenchspacing).

   A macro for fancy chapter headings for use with LaTeX 2.09

   Copyright (C) 1992 by Joerg Heitkoetter
   Systems Analysis Group, University of Dortmund, Germany.

   This is modified code from bk11.sty, I received from TeXpert
   Gerd Neugebauer 8/7/92 (gerd@intellektik.informatik.th-darmstadt.de).
   Thank's for the q&d hack, Gerd!

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (25.3k).

cmcyralt-ltx – support for the cmcyralt fonts

Macros and fd files to use the cmcyralt fonts. Designed for use with an alternative-coded keyboard.

MaintainerAlexander Harin
Vadim V. Zhytnikov
Contained inMiKTeX as cmcyralt
TopicsFont support
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