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This is the file `README', which accompanies the `aiaa' distribution,
version 2.4, dated 1999/02/22 by bil kleb <w.l.kleb@larc.nasa.gov>


This distribution is centered around a modification to the standard article
document class to produce (nearly) aiaa-conformant conference papers
and journal submittals---it will even simulate the typesetting
of journal articles and notes for length-determination
purposes.  The distribution also contains a (mostly) aiaa-compliant
bibliographic style sheet for use with BibTeX, a 9pt style sheet,
a sample document, a sample presentation, and other miscellaneous
examples and test equipment.


To produce a users' manual, run LaTeX on `aiaa.dtx'.


To obtain the individual files which are part of the aiaa package,
run LaTeX on the installation file, `aiaa.ins'.  LaTeX's docstrip
utility will extract the files from `aiaa.dtx'.


You are free to re-distribute these files provided the restrictions
mentioned in 'aiaa.ins' are obeyed.  These are mainly that the
three core files always must be distributed as a whole and that
no one is allowed to distribute the files for profit.


This package relies on the presence of a number of other packages:

   caption2     dropping     endfloat     fancyhdr
   graphicx     lastpage     setspace     subfigure

Most come bundled with the various (La)TeX distributions, others
are available from any CTAN site or its mirrors---see the users'
manual for more information on CTAN.  Typically you'll need
to get `dropping' and `caption2'.


This distribution is not connected with the AIAA in any way, it
simply represents the product of several people's efforts to
create a usable AIAA LaTeX2e template for conference papers
and journal submissions.




Inquiries can be sent to:  <w.l.kleb@larc.nasa.gov>
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