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%Contents: Verbatim macros via plain TeX, to be used with AnyTeX.
%Version:  1.1 of March 1994.
%Purpose:  Handling verbatims with user guidance (options) to be
%          provided via \everyverbatim and/or \thisverbatim. (New approach.)
%          To be used with TeX, LaTeX, ...
%          Examples of guidance: verbatim input from file
%                                escapecharacter and metacode
%                                block comment
%                                (selective) numbering of verbatim lines
%			 							                     inline verbatim (with minimal | tags).
%          Placement within context is parameterized via
%          \preverbatim and \postverbatim with as default \medskip.
%Author: C.G. van der Laan, Hunzeweg 57, 9893PB, Garnwerd. The Netherlands.
%        05941-1525., cgl@risc1.rug.nl.
%Documentation: MAPS 94.1, as a spin-off in the TUGboat BLUes article,
%                          which discusses the TUGboat styles and descendants.
%Keywords: verbatim, escape character, block comment, file verbatim inclusion.
%Examples of use (after \input vrb.tex) %the macros, as appended below
%\input vrb.tex %File included for convenience

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.5k).

vrb – Verbatim macros in plain

A self-contained set of verbatim macros, providing both block (\verbatim ... \endverbatim) and in-line (|...|) verbatim constructs. Can also support line-numbering of verbatim blocks and verbatim file inclusion.

MaintainerKees van der Laan (deceased)
Contained inMiKTeX as vrb
See alsoalltt
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