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08 Jun 1996

This is the source to my "Typesetting diagrams with kuvio.tex". In
order to run tex (not latex!) on either tdwk.tex or tdwk-A4.tex,
you'll first need to do the following.

  1. Get yourself on a really big TeX - tdwk.tex consumes an obscene amount
     of memory. (I kid not.)

  2. Install the bbm family of fonts, available on any CTAN node.
     In particular, you'll need bbm10 and bbmsl10. Please don't make
     any substitutions if you're going to put the resulting .dvi or
     .ps file in a public place.

  3. Install my arrsy10 font, available wherever kuvio.tex is.

  4. Include the subdirectories of ./macros in your TEXINPUTS path.

  5. Make sure the current patchlevel of kuvio.tex is on your TEXINPUTS.

  6. Make sure the directory ./tdwk exists and is writable.

To speed things up, you can also do the following.

  7. Unpack either kuv.tar.gz or kuv-A4.tar.gz, depending on whether
     you are using letter or A4 paper.

With these files, you need only do "tex tdwk" or "tex tdwk-A4"
to process the documentation. Otherwise you will have to do

   tex file
   makeindex -s tdwk.ist file.idx
   tex file

where file=tdwk or file=tdwk-A4, as appropriate.

Unless you have a dvi previewer which understands dvips' \special
syntax, you will not be able to properly preview tdwk.dvi or
tdwk-A4.dvi.  However, you can always do

   dvips file -o

and then preview the resulting .ps file. Also, you will need to keep
the files in ./eps in their current location relative to tdwk.dvi and
tdwk-A4.dvi should you move either of these two.

If all this seems like too much work, a PostScript version of
"Typesetting diagrams with kuvio.tex" can be obtained from


in the files tdwk.ps.gz (letter) and tdwk-A4.ps.gz (A4). If this isn't
available to you, send me an email.

Anders  <svensson@math.ubc.ca>
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