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README for ttt (Tibetan Transcript Translator)


This Package only supplies the Tibetan Transcript Translator.
You must have Sam Sirlin's font(*.mf), font metrics (*.tfm) 
and tibdef.tex installed! If you don't have Metafont or work
on an old LaTeX version, follow the special instructions in

Please look at ...

  the remarks at the top of the c source code.
  The documentation supplied with the other two packages.


This program is able to typeset many syllables which originate from
Sanskrit. Tables and inline LaTeX commands are also supported. 
You can import ACIP transcribed texts into LaTeX.
Look at tttintro.* for further info.


More complex command line.
The vovels on tsa, tsha and dza are not specially handled and don't
look as nice as in the other implementations. The same applies to
cu and tsu, which are not confused any more. You will have to 
remove such workarounds from your texts.


to Jeff Sparkes and Sam Sirlin for their previous implementations,
which supplied me the fonts and some good ideas for the ttt program.

	Beat.Steiner@gseved.admin.ch	March 1997

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (43.6k).

ttt – A Tibetan Transcript Transliterator for

The transcriptions work with Sirlin's fonts and macros, but the transcriber manages better support (particularly of ligatures) than other approaches to Tibetan.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1996, 1997 Beat Steiner
MaintainerBeat Steiner
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