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From: CHR05EE@TECHNION.BITNET (Erik Engdahl)
Newsgroups: comp.text.tex
Subject: Re: SweTeX
Date: 8 Dec 92 07:49:11 GMT
Organization: TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technology.

Here is a  summary of the information  I have got on SweTeX  out of Plain
Tex. SweTeX gives the Swedish  special characters by using }{|][\ whereas
<>\ are used for delimiters and escape character.

One approach that has been proposed by Jan K{rrman and Anders Holmberg in
Uppsala and Staffan  Romberg in Stockholm is to use  a macro (or macros).
They are available on  anonymous ftp on albireo.tdb.uu.se (
on the directory pub/tex/swetex. In  modes.tex that is the most important
of    the   files    I    recommend   adding    \let\SweTeX=\swedishmode
\let\noSweTeX=\usmode since SweTeX is SweTeX and nothing but SweTeX.
This file also contains macros to input SweTeX macro in a TeX code
and in reverse.

Per Foreby in Lund has two proposals. Either one uses SLaTeX that follows
the  Swedish ISO-626  character standard  or uses  TeX 3.14  (that allows
8-bit  characters)   together  with  dc  fonts   containing  the  Swedish
characters according to  the cork standard. Both SLaTeX and  the dc fonts
is available on ftp.efd.lth.se:/pub/tex.

Bj|rn  Lisper in  Stockholm gave  me two  lex-files for  translation from
SweTeX to TeX and in reverse. On  unix systems (and some others) they can
be lexed giving a c-program that eventually gives a filter to be put in a
pipeline for the translation.

Dov Grobgeld  in Rechovot has found  file named styles-and-macros.Index.Z
available  by anonymous  ftp at  menora.weizmann.ac.il. This  information
contains  information about  a file  named  swedish.sty that  is a  Babel
document-style option which provides support for typesetting in Swedish.

                Erik Engdahl, chr05ee@technion.bitnet

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.7k).

swetex – Plain support for writing Swedish

Subverts several characters for Swedish non-ascii letters, and uses <> for delimiters.

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