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SLaTeX notes    871228

Sven Mattisson			Department of Applied Electronics
				University of Lund
				Box 118
				S-221 00 Lund


Files in this directory are:

README:		This file.

slatex.1:	On line SLaTeX manual.

write.tex:	Macro files needed to make SLaTeX out of LaTeX.

ex-memo.tex:	Sample SLaTeX documents in Swedish.

ssmall.tex:	Some other SLaTeX samples.  This time in English,
		translated by means of l2sl from the standard
		sample.tex and small.tex files respectively.

macros:		Directory with .sst files for standard style files.
		These files are the SLaTeX versions of the LaTeX .sty
		files.  The .sty files has to be changed since they
		are read into SLaTeX and hence use the new control
		characters.  The changes are straight forward but
		watch out for '<' and '>' where you have to prepend
		'!' if you have to convert other .sty files.

tde-macros:	This directory contains some style files (.doc, .sty
		and .sst files) developed at Lund.

tde-local.tex:	Our version of the Local Guide.  Gives some hints
		regarding the use of the local style files.

l2sl:		Directory containing sources to a program that
		automatically translates a LaTeX file into SLaTeX.
		Some LaTeX to SLaTeX translations can be difficult to
		make fool proof, thus l2sl does not to try to hard
		with difficult commands, but instead makes a guess at
		the intended meaning and issues a warning.  The LaTeX
		manual has been translated into SLaTeX lingo this way,
		so it is not very difficult.  This program is very
		useful for maintaining .sty and .sst files from the
		same .doc file.

doc2sty:	Source directory for the .doc file to .sty file
		compression program.

slbibtex.sh:	A shell script that automatically, sort of, extracts
		bibtex info from SLaTeX .aux files and puts that into
		a LaTeX .aux file.  Runs bibtex on that, and tries to
		translate the resulting .blg file back to SLaTeX form.
		This utility needs the l2sl program.
All the files and programs in this directory may be freely distributed
on a non-profit basis and provided the origin of the files is

Most of the files in this directory are the change-files needed to
generate the Swedish LaTeX, SLaTeX for short.  Nothing is changed in
any of the regular files used to create LaTeX.

To generate SLaTeX you need the initex, virtex and undump programs and
the latex.tex, lfonts.tex and hyphen.tex TeX files from the TeX
distribution tape.

The procedure to generate SLaTeX is (assuming you are using the Unix
distribution and that all files and programs are in this directory):

    % initex
	** lplain \input slatex !dump

    % virtex
	** &lplain !read 0 to !blort

    % undump slatex virtex core

If you modify your lplain.tex to include slatex.tex (at the very end)
the installation procedure will be the same as for LaTeX, i.e. no
\input slatex is needed when running initex.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (129.8k).

slatex – support for writing Swedish

macros to deal with the national characters in 7-bit-encoded Swedish. The collection includes a program (l2sl) that will translate an existing document into slatex format.

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