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RomanianTeX 1.3R <29.10.1996> [12.11.1996] as a LaTeX2e package

This is the release of RomanianTeX, version 1.3R <29.10.1996>, 
a LaTeX2e package for type-setting Romanian in a multi-lingual 
TeX environment. 

RomanianTeX 1.3R supports LaTeX2e [as of June 1966] and the 
NFSS, version 2, but old (RomanianTeX) input for RomanianTeX 
versions 1.2 and 1.2R compiles unchanged with the new version, 
under both Plain TeX and LaTeX 2.09 (so there is actually no 
need to emulate a Romanian LaTeX 2.09 configuration under a 
new-made Romanian LaTeX2e, just replace the old `romanian.sty' 
file by the new [generated] one). 

Files in this distribution [revision 12.11.1996]: 

	readme  .txt : 	This file 
	manifest.txt : 	Table of contents 
	hyphen-x.cfg : 	LaTeX2e hyphen configuration [eXample] 
	rohyphen.tex : 	Romanian hyphen patterns [version 1.1] 
	romanian.dtx : 	LaTeX2e archive [contains .sty and .drv] 
	romanian.ins : 	LaTeX2e installation file 
	romanian.doc : 	End-user documentation 
			[misssing as of 12.11.1996] 

INSTRUCTIONS. How to generate a RomanianTeX configuration. 
Basically, we need a bi-lingual US-English/Romanian LaTeX2e system 
-- call it `rlatex' -- to begin with. To get it, do first 

	`hyphen-x.cfg' -> [renaming] `hyphen.cfg', 

then make the LaTeX2e (with `hyphen.cfg', and both `[us]hyphen.tex' 
and `rohyphen.tex' around), by 

	initex latex.ltx \dump -> [generating] `latex.fmt' 
	`latex.fmt' -> [renaming] `rlatex.fmt' 
	LET rlatex = tex &rlatex [executable batch file, say]. 

So equipped, do the following: 

	rlatex romanian.ins 
		   [this works with original LaTeX2e, too] 
		-> [generating] `romanian.sty' 
		-> [generating] `romanian.drv' 
	put `romanian.sty' on the TeX-path 
	rlatex romanian.drv 
		   [this needs (US-English + Romanian) LaTeX2e] 
		-> [generating] `romanian.dvi' 
		=  the macro-code documentation  
		   [not really meant for the end-user]. 

From now on, we don't need LaTeX2e if we don't want it (generate 
a bi-lingual, etc. Plain TeX or LaTeX 2.09, on the old pattern.) 

MINIMAL END-USER INFORMATION (look up `germdoc.tex' too): 

	In this version [1.3R], there are practically no 
	changes in the end-user commands [\romanianTeX-mode]. 

USAGE:	with Plain TeX: 	\input romanian.sty
	with LaTeX 2.09:	\documentstyle[...,romanian]{...}
	with LaTeX2e:		\documentclass[...]{...}

INPUT-ENCODING. The Romanian diacritics and the Romanian quotes 
have been macro-encoded by double quote escapes ["-prefixing], 
as in German TeX.

Map::	DQ-input:	=>	TeX:
	"a 		=>	\u{a}	[no encoding for \u{A}]
	"A		=>	\^{a}	[no encoding for \c{A}]
	"i		=>	\^{\i}
	"I		=>	\^{I}
	"s		=>	\c{s}
	"S		=>	\c{S}
	"t		=>	\c{t}
	"T		=>	\c{T}

while DQ-escaping e, E, o, O, u, U yields trema's resp. Uml\"aute
(as a bonus). Since the Romanian quotes are like the German ones,
the macro-encoding is the same as in German TeX.

Local hyphenation tools: as in German TeX (DQ-escaped " - | ~ =).

Language switches:

	\romanianTeX	: RomanianTeX [default on initialization]
	\originalTeX	: this is the original [English] TeX
	\germanTeX	: this behaves exactly like German TeX
			  [using `ghyph31.tex' 3.1a <13.02.1994>]
			  [NO need for `german.sty' 2.5c <1.05.1966>]
	\frenchTeX	: this is a French setting.

The detailed end-user documentation will be available at a later date.

Mail box [for error reports]: 

	Adrian Rezus <adriaan@cs.kun.nl>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (26.3k).

romaniantex – support for Romanian

A package for typesetting Romanian in a plain environment. For use, the package has been superseded by the Romanian option of babel.

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