Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Direc­tory language/hebrew/hebtex/pc

For a complete installation on Windows 95, go to the
directory tex/win95 .

This directory contains two compressed (ZIP) files.
pc_tex--xet.zip   contains two executable files: etex.exe and elatex.exe
as well as two format files, pertaining to the above exe files, namely,
etex.efmt and elatex.efmt

HEBREW32.ZIP   is the Hebrew addition to the windows 95 tex package,
available in full in ftp.cc.huji.ac.il/win95

Use the COM files to install Hebrew support on your DOS PC.
Use  hebvga.com  and  keybhe.com   for a VGA screen.

hed103c.zip  contains the Hebrew English editor HED .
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