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How to install Hebrew fonts on your Workstation X environment 

If you have an Workstation and you want to use X applications with 
Hebrew support, the first thing to do is to install Hebrew fonts on 
your X environment.
The following steps will instruct you how to install the Hebrew fonts 
provided in the current directory.

1. Ftp the two heb*.snf files from the current directory and install
   them on your Workstation on the /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc directory.

2. Go to /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc directory, login as su and run :

   This command will update the file fonts.dir by adding the Hebrew 
   fonts definitions ( the two lines which start with heb..).

3. In the same directory, update the fonts.alias file by adding
   alias names (which are easy for you to remember) pointing to
   the new Hebrew fonts.
   For example, adding the following two lines to the fonts.alias file :

small_heb -yossi-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed-hebrew-13-120-75-75-c-60--
big_heb   -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-hebrew-20-200-75-75-c-100-iso8859-1

   you have defined two new names for the two Hebrew fonts installed:

   small_heb - for the small Hebrew font
   big_heb   - for the big Hebrew font.

4.  Return to your account and run :

	xset fp rehash

    This command causes the X server to reread the font databases 
    in  the current font path and add the new fonts names to it.

How to install Hebrew fonts on a Boot Server machine for NCD X-terminals

To install the Hebrew fonts on a X-terminal Boot Server machine execute
steps 1-3 (I.a.) on the /tftpboot/usr/lib/X11/ncd/fonts/misc directory.

After intalling the Hebrew fonts on the Boot Server machine, each
X-terminal has to be rebooted before using  Hebrew.

 How to display Hebrew text.

To display Hebrew text, one has to open first a window which uses a 
Hebrew font.
For example, if we use the previous font names definitions( I.3 ), to 
open a window which uses the small Hebrew font, execute the following 
command :

    xterm -fn small_heb
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