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mkbangtex Version 1.1. 

It creates a BangTeX file from a Bengali document written
phonetically in Roman script and more ...

[See accompanying documentation for further details.]

Usage: mkbangtex [-h, --alphabet] [-o <out_file> --transparent]  <in_file> 
                       -h, --help       : print this page
                       -o  <out_file>   : specify output file                             
                                          (default: in_file.tex)
                       --transparent    : use default transparent symbols &
                                          positioning of u, uu etc. for all 
                                          consonants and conjunctions
                       --alphabet       : transliteration table 
					  (with Unicode Bengali symbols)
                       --ancient        : ancient Bengali --- without antastha ya
							(NEW in v.1.1)

Package Content:
README        	: This file
mkbangtex     	: python code
mkbangtex.bang  : source file for documentation
mkbangtex.tex  	: tex file for documentation
mkbangtex.pdf  	: pdf file for documentation

Updates from v.1.0: 
1] added ancient option for writing old Bengali (e.g. charJaagIti)
2] simplified usage for text-only files --- no need to specify modes
3] fixed a bug about the units cm and in of latex
4] alphabet shows Bengali letters (needs Unicode support)

Report bugs to: koushik(at)iacs(dot)res(dot)in
License: GPL  

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (98.2k).

mkbangtex – A preprocessor for Bang

Mkbangtex input is a Bengali document written, phonetically, in Roman script; its output serves as input to Bang.

Mkbangtex is presented as a script written in Python.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerKoushik Ray
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