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This file is README dated 18 Apr 1994.

This directory contains the examples from _Making TeX Work_:

Title     : Making TeX Work
Author    : Norman Walsh
Publisher : O'Reilly and Associates
Date      : April, 1994
ISBN      : 1-56592-051-1
Pages     : 518
Price     : US$29.95

The examples are:

ex-01-01: example 1-1: An Example of a TeX Document 
ex-01-02: example 1-2: A typical bibliography database entry 
ex-02-01: example 2-1: A Simple Driver File 
ex-02-02: example 2-2: Local Variables in an Emacs Buffer 
ex-02-03: example 2-3: A Contrived Error 
ex-02-04: example 2-4: Revision Control Macros for TeX Documents Using RCS 
ex-03-01: example 3-1: The Document BADFONT.TeX 
ex-04-01: example 4-1: Plain TeX Input 
ex-04-02: example 4-2: LaTeX2e Input 
ex-04-03: example 4-3: LaTeX Input File 
ex-04-04: example 4-4: AMS-TeX Input File 
ex-04-05: example 4-5: Lollipop Input File 
ex-04-06: example 4-6: TeXinfo Input 
ex-04-07: example 4-7: The ChemTeX Source for Caffeine 
ex-04-08: example 4-8: The ChemStruct Source for the Lithium Cation 
ex-04-09: example 4-9: The MusicTeX Source for Figure 4-7 
ex-05-01: example 5-1: Font-shape Declaration with NFSS2 
ex-05-02: example 5-2: Font-shape declaration with NFSS2 (simplified) 
ex-05-03: example 5-3: The PStoTeXfont script 
ex-06-01: example 6-1: The Input for the Plain TeX Diagram 
ex-06-02: example 6-2: The LaTeX Input for Figure 6-2 
ex-06-03: example 6-3: The epic Input for Figure 6-3 
ex-06-04: example 6-4: The Input for Figure 6-4 
ex-06-05: example 6-5: PiCTeX Input for Figure 6-5 
ex-06-06: example 6-6: The XY-pic Input for Figure 6-6 
ex-06-07: example 6-7: The DraTeX Input for Figure 6-7 
ex-06-08: example 6-8: Converting EPS to a Bitmap with Ghostview 
ex-06-09: example 6-9: Script for Inserting a Captured TeXt Screen 
ex-07-01: example 7-1: A Sample Multilingual Document Using English and French 
ex-10-01: example 10-1: TeXinfo Commands 
ex-11-01: example 11-1: The Code for the Figure Eight 
ex-12-01: example 12-1: A Sample BIBTeX entry 
ex-12-02: example 12-2: A Tib style database entry 
ex-D-01 : example D-1: MakeTeXPK.pl 
ex-D-02 : example D-2: MakeTeXTFM.pl 
ex-D-03 : example D-3: dvidxx.btm 
ex-D-04 : example D-4: makepk.btm 
ex-D-05 : example D-5: enc-afm.pl 
ex-D-06 : example D-6: TeXtoXfont 
ex-D-07 : example D-7: PStoXfont 
ex-D-08 : example D-8: txt2verb.pl 

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