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run the examples with pdflatex or latex

All examples with an ps in the file extension
must be run with latex->dvips->ps2pdf

The file extension .???crop has no further meaning,
it was only needed for the book production.
Commands like \AtBeginDocument, \setlength, aso are
often also without a special meaning and only valid
for the book production.

If you find in an example two \documentclasses commands,
then simply delete one. 

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (242.0k).

tab­u­lars-e – Ex­am­ples from the book "Type­set­ting ta­bles with "

The bun­dle presents the ex­am­ples of the book “Type­set­ting ta­bles with ” (ISBN 978-1-906860-25-7), as stan­dalone doc­u­ments.

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