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This directory contains the examples from the book 

  LaTeX Graphics Companion, 2nd Edition

File types

extension  script	meaning

 ltxb	   runltxb      LaTeX file using the beamer class
 pltx	   runpltx	LaTeX file showing how to use pstricks with pdf
 ptx	   runptx	MusiXTeX low-level
 pic	   runpic	Pic language
 ly	   runly	Lilypond
 abc	   runabc	ABC source
 abcplus   runabcpl	ABCplus source
 mp	   runmp	MetaPost source
 m4	   runm4	m4 macros
 pmx	   runpmx	PMX source
 mtx	   runmtx	M-Tx source

The scripts are Unix scripts used in the book production, e.g.

  runltx 6-7-21.ltx

was called to turn example 6-7-21 into an eps file for the book. Those scripts
do a lot of things like, running LaTeX (or some other program) several times,
looking for comments in the source to do special things like turning color
output into gray, cleaning the eps files, etc.

It is **not** likely that those scripts work for you without adjustments (even
if you are working on Unix/Linux) --- they are included in case somebody is

There is also a runall script which attempts to process all examples in the
directory or if call with an argument like 3- that is

 runall 3-

will process only the files whose names start with 3-.

Using individual examples

Each example is self contained in the sense of being a complete document that
can be run through the corresponding processor, e.g., in case of a LaTeX
document it starts with \documentclass{..} and ends in \end{document}.

Required input data files (used by some examples) should be all collected
here, except in cases where the data file used is part of the package
distribution (unless we overlooked something).

However, the document may require some additional resources not installed on
your system in which case you need to install the missing items to
successfully run the examples (e.g., fonts, style files, you name it ...).

It is also possible that even the base program is not available, e.g., the
programs described in the music chapter exist for various platforms, but are
most likely not installed on your system.

You may also have to update existing resources on your system to the latest
version, e.g., several MetaPost or PSTricks examples will fail if you do not
have at least the appropriate support files that were current in spring 2007
(i.e., after TeX Live 2007).

Some examples use data files that are part of the used package but may
reside in different places in your installation. In this case the paths to
the data files need correction in the example.

have fun

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.6M).

lgc2-examples – Examples from The Graphics Companion, second edition

The source of the examples printed in the book, together with necessary supporting files.

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MaintainerFrank Mittelbach
Sebastian Rahtz (deceased)
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