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This script converts MetaPost output files (with .mps file extensions )
into stand-alone (self-contained) Encapsulated PostScript files (with
all necessary fonts included.  Although MetaPost figures' final
destination are often inclusion into TeX documents, it is often useful
to view the figures during their development process.  To this end,
stand-alone EPS figures are often desired.

Usage: mpstoeps foo.mps

converts foo.mps into the stand-alone EPS foo.eps

Note: The canonical naming scheme for MetaPost output files (with source
foo.mp) is foo.1, foo.2, etc.  For philosophical reasons, this script
requires an alternative naming scheme (e.g. foo_1.mps, foo_2.mps, etc.)
so that the .mps file extension is appended to the MetaPost jobname.

MPStoEPS – A convertor from output to Encapsulated PostScript

This Perl script converts a output file (with file extension .mps) into a self-contained (with all fonts embedded) Encapsulated PostScript file. Although graphics are meant to be included in a document, there are reasons to have them stand alone, e.g. debugging the graphics during the development processes.

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MaintainerTroy L. Henderson
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