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Direc­tory graphics/MF-PS/mftoeps/m2esamp

This file belongs to the MFTOEPS package.

The directory M2ESAMP contains the following files:
 0M2ESAMP.DOC  this file
 CLIPCIR.MF    a bogus application of clipping: a variation of CLIPSQR.MF
 CLIPSQR.MF    a bogus application of clipping: Sierpi\'nski's carpet
 HOLECLIP.MF   a nearly trivial example
 HOLECLIP.TEX  an example of using HOLECLIP.EPS
 HOLEFILL.MF   a nearly trivial example
 POLYGONS.MF   input for SAMPLE*.MF files
 RECTAN.MF     a truly trivial example
 RECTAN_.BAT   DOS batch file for RECTAN.MF (generates RECTAN.EPS)
 SAMPLE1A.MF   less trivial example
 SAMPLE1B.MF   modification of SAMPLE1A.MF
 SAMPLE2A.MF   regular polygon with circumscribed ``flex'' polygon
 SAMPLE2B.MF   ditto---a variation
 SAMPLE2C.MF   ditto---a variation
 SAMPLE2D.MF   ditto---a variation
 SAMPLE2E.MF   ditto---a variation
 SAMPLE3.MF    four pictures (``flowers'')
 SAMPLE4.MF    four pictures (``galaxies'')
 SAMPLE5.MF    four pictures (``shells'')
 STEREO.MF     two pictures that can be used for
               constructing a simple stereogram

You are entitled to do with these files whatever you wish. If you alter
a file, however, please remove the comment line:

     `This file belongs to the MFTOEPS package.'

in order to avoid mess.


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