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This file belongs to the EPSTOMF package.



The AWK program, EPSTOMF.AWK, converts EPS files, conforming the convention
of files produced using the MFTOEPS package, into METAFONT lingo (see the
batch file E2M.BAT in the subdirectory ../PROGS). Primarily, it is meant as
a supplementary link between PostScript and METAFONT, collaborating with
the PostScript-to-EPS converter, PS_CONV, which can be found in
the subdirectory ../../PS/PS_CONV.

For the details of conversion see the EPSTOMF.AWK file.

Additionally, there are some files for a neat formatting of the resulting
METAFONT files in the subdirectory E2MFORM. This is our idiosyncrasy; if you
prefer other formatting (e.g., verbatim)---feel free to delete all the stuff.


All copyrights, copylefts, copyups, copydowns, or whatever you wish to call
them, concerning the EPSTOMF.AWK are essentially of the public domain
character. In particular, you are entitled to do with the file whatever you
wish. If you alter a file, however, please remove the line containing the

      `This file belongs to the EPSTOMF package.'

in order to avoid mess.

The files in the directory E2MFORM are not the part of the EPSTOMF
distribution, however, they belong to public domain (as far as we know),
therefore we assumed that it is fair to include them here.


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