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otftofd is a script I wrote to help the task of generating a NFSS font
description file and a map file from a large collection of OpenType
fonts. In particular, when considering Adobe Pro Optical fonts, there is
almost a combinatorial nightmare when attempting to create these files
by hand.

This software is still probably alpha quality and mostly designed
specifically for Adobe font conventions. It currently has experimental
support for generating swashed versions of a font and fonts consisting
of ornaments. There is some preliminary support for selecting encodings,
but it is far from complete. The tool has been mostly tested with the
T1 Cork encoding. For more information about using the tool, invoke it
with the --help option.

otftofd is written in CaSH (Caml Shell) and additionally requires Eddie
Kohler's excellent LCDF Typetools.

ofttofd was originally called "adobe-font-tool", but at the suggestion
of CTAN it was renamed to hopefully be more descriptive.

otftofd is licensed under the FSF General Public License. Do not hesitate
to send me bug reports or fixes, other improvements, or suggestions.
Contact via e-mail at washburn@acm.org.

There is a public, read-only, Subversion repository for otftofd at


otftofd is a script so installation only requires setting the executable
bit ("chmod a+x otftofd") and placing it in your PATH.

However, otftofd is written in the Objective Caml language with
the CaSH library.  Therefore you will need to install them before
otftofd can be used. The latest version of OCaml can be obtained
from http://caml.inria.fr, and the latest version of CaSH from

Additionally, otftofd makes use of the programs otfinfo and otftotfm.
Therefore you will need have them installed as well.  They are part of
the LCDF Typetools package.  The latest version can be obtained from


At its simplest, otftofd is just used as 

        otftofd <collection of OpenType fonts>

For example, if I have a directory minion, containing a set of OpenType
fonts for the Minion Pro font. These files will have names like
MinionPro*.otf.  Inside the minion directory I would run

        otftofd *.otf

Which will generate a rather large number of support files.  However,
in general you won't need to concern yourself with them.  At this
point you just need to make sure that the directory "minion" is in the
kpathsea search path for TEXINPUTS, TEXFONTS, T1FONTS, and ENCFONTS.
The simplest way to do this is to set the environment variables, but
you could also edit your global TeX configuration.

At this point, you just need to add the following to your LaTeX document
(assuming you are using pdfTeX/LaTeX)

        \pdfmapfile {+MinionPro.map}

And now the MinionPro font is available.  You could make it the default
"Roman" font by adding


or just in the current scope by 


By default otftofd uses the "T1" or "Cork" font encoding, but it is
also possible to tell otftofd to use another encoding.  Returning to
our Minion Pro example, we could have done

        otftofd --enc=LY1 *.otf

or if we want to use an encoding that otftofd doesn't know about, we
could have done

        otftodf --enc=LY42 --encFile=myencoding.enc *.otf

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (17.8k).

otftofd – Generate control files for OpenType fonts

Otftofd hels with the task of generating NFSS font description files and map files for a large collection of OpenType fonts.

Otftofd is written in CaSH (Caml Shell) and requires Eddie Kohler's excellent LCDF Typetools.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright2005 Geoffrey Alan Washburn
MaintainerGeoffrey Washburn
TopicsFont support
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