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mkpkfontdir is a tool for manipulating TeX directories and
reorganizing them in various ways mimicking (after some
transformations) the organization of your tfm files tree.

mkpkfontdir can generate TDS trees, or mirror and flatten them for
efficient recursive subdirectories searching (by making a pool of
symbolic links that will be searched, for example). It has been
successfully used in  a modified MakeTeXPK, for instance, to put
generated pk files at their "right" place in a structure hierarchy.

It is also a great help for keeping consistency between the tfm and
the pk trees, or simply for putting newly got pk files at their right

Yves Arrouye <Yves.Arrouye@imag.fr>, August 1995.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (26.4k).

mkpkfontdir – Manipulate TDS directories for PK fonts

This utility is designed to place PK fonts in “correct” TDS directories, possibly by reference to the location of the corresponding TFM files. It can also flatten a tree, for efficient searching, by making a directory of symbolic links.

Version 1995-08-31
Copyright1995 Yves Arrouye
MaintainerYves Arrouye
TopicsFont management
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