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%% This is the file readme, part of the MathKit package
%% (version 0.7, January , 1998) for math font 
%% generation.  (Author: Alan Hoenig, ajhjj@cunyvm.cuny.edu)

The _MathKit_ package (version 0.7) creates math fonts that match
Type1 outline fonts (Times, Palatino, and others) for
typesetting math with TeX.  It constructs these fonts by
combining letters and numerals from the outline
fonts with other symbols drawn by Metafont using
parameters that match the outline fonts.  Detailed
instructions are found in the file `mathkit.tex', part of
the package.  You don't need to know anything about
Metafont or virtual fonts to use this package.

The package includes parameter templates for building
font families for Times Roman (regular and bold),
Palatino (regular only), and Monotype Baskerville
(regular and semibold).  If you choose to make fonts
using the bold templates, you will be able to typeset
bold mathematics as well.  MathKit produces style files
for plain TeX and NFSS so you can use your new fonts.

     ---Alan Hoenig (ajhjj@cunyvm.cuny.edu)
        January, 1998
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