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%% This is the file readme, part of the MathInst package
%% (version 1.0, August, 1998) for math font 
%% generation.  (Author: Alan Hoenig, ajhjj@cunyvm.cuny.edu)

If you've ever wanted to typeset proper mathematics using Caslon or
Garamond or Baskerville or whatever types, MathInst may be of use to
you.  It allows you to create proper math fonts for use by TeX and
LaTeX.  You need to tell it the family of Roman types you want to use
and the raw math fonts---MathTime, Euler, Lucida New Math, or
Mathematica---you can supply, and this script does the rest.  All of
MathInst's fonts are properly scaled for compatibility with the Roman

If you supply the name of a typewriter and sans serif font as well,
MathInst will not only create fonts that respond to the NFSS commands
\mathsf and \mathtt, it will also scale these fonts properly to match
the Roman math fonts.

If you supply the name of a calligraphic, fraktur, blackboard bold,
and Greek bold font, MathInst will create matching fonts and commands
for their use.  In particular, if a Greek bold is present, MathInst
will create bold math fonts.

MathInst also creates two style files---one for use by NFSS (LaTeX)
and one for plain TeX.  There are also two matching test files, so you
can not only test the fonts, but see how to access these fonts in a
TeX document.

At the end, MathInst places all your new fonts in their proper places,
whether you use a traditional or a TDS TeX system.  

For many additional details, please read the (LaTeX) file
`mathinst.tex' which accompanies this material, all of which can be
found in the fonts/utilities/mathinst area of CTAN.  Please forward
comments and bug reports to me (Alan Hoenig) at

---Alan Hoenig
   January 1998

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (143.9k).

mathinst – Merge font families to create mathematical font sets

A set of Perl and fontinst scripts to integrate mathematical fonts for use by using a family of Roman types and a set of raw math fonts (such as Euler, or the commercial MathTime or Lucida New Math fonts). All fonts are properly scaled for compatibility with the Roman fonts.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerAlan Hoenig
TopicsFont processor
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