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Copyright (C) 1994, Basil K. Malyshev. All rights reserved.

Partial font downloading utility.

NEEDED:  GhostScript interpreter: GS 2.6.1 (recomended) or GS 3.12

This tool realizes partial downloading of the ATM compatible Type 1 fonts
required in the specified PostScript file.
This tool is combination of 
  - the psfstat.ps PostScript script 
    which collects information about font using 
  - and SubFont program which extracts from source fonts subfonts which
    contains only required characters.

This approach, in comparison with well known DVIPSONE partial font 
downloading facility, has follow advantages:
  1. That can be applied in many systems which generates PostScript output.
     So, psfstat.ps script was tested with:
        a. DVIPS output;
        b. Frame Output;
        c. MS Windows PostScript driver output.
  2. That prepare not only text fonts but also fonts used in inserted

However, this approach requires a lot of CPU time to complete scanning
of the PostScript file.

==== USING, for example with DVIPS. ====

Tune DVIPS font maps such that ATM compatible Type 1 fonts 
will not be copied into output PostScript file.
So, you must use for font mapping cmfonts.ref file which contains lines like:
   cmr10 cmr10
but not cmfonts.map file which contains lines like:
   cmr10 cmr10 <cmr10.pfb

In correct case, After command 
   dvips -P??? foo
you will have PostScript file without fonts, which you can print by command
   fload foo.ps | lpr

Basil K. Malyshev, 11/24/94 22:59:01, Geneve, Switzerland.
E-Mail: malyshev@dxcern.cern.ch or malyshev@mx.ihep.su

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (133.0k).

font­load – A par­tial font down­load­ing util­ity

The tool scans a PostScript file, and re­places the em­bed­ded Adobe Type 1 fonts with ap­pro­pri­ately sub­set­ted ver­sions. The pro­cess of scan­ning the file is done us­ing a PostScript pro­gram ex­e­cut­ing in ghostscript.

The need for the tool has largely dis­ap­peared, for users, fol­low­ing the in­tro­duc­tion of the par­tial-down­load­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties of cur­rent ver­sions of dvips.

Ver­sion 1995-01-27
Li­cense Un­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Copy­right1994 Basil K. Maly­shev
Main­tainer Basil Maly­shev
Topics ma­nip­u­late Postscript files
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